You know I love Gaudí and I recently went to la Casa Batlló, I try to revisit my favorite buildings so I heard there was a new tour at La Pedrera, a night tour called Secret Pedrera and I had to try it out! But this time I am not only sharing with you the experience but you can also try it out because I am giving away two tickets to visit Secret Pedrera, the winner and his partner can enjoy this exclusive experience just for a reduced group of people each day.

Being the visit at night has a magical atmosphere, we were a group of 20 people aproximately so it was very intimate to visit the building in a reduced group. We started in one of the lower courtyards with an introduction to the house and original owners: The Milà's.

The building nickname is La Pedrera due to his appearance: an open quarry.The building was declared Unesco World Heritage in 1984 and it was built between 1906 and 1912.

The visit goes around the main floor, the courtyards and the roof where we can see the famous catenari archs that are so typical from Gaudí. One of the special things about the Pedrera is that when it was built, the owners lived in the main floor but also rented appartments in the rest of the floors. Due to old rents there are people still leaving in La Pedrera, they do have a special elevator that goes directly to their appartment. Amazing appartments that are around 400m2, full of light coming from the courtyards and very well designed buildigns structure that helps get the most of the light and space.

I recommend you to visit it at night as it has a special magic on the roof and on the inside, it is also a good opportunity to visit the building in a reduced group as you can imagine in the morning is one of the key buildings by Gaudí to visit in Barcelona.


The tickets include:

  • Guided tour at night: The Courtyards, La Pedrera Apartment, Espai Gaudí (the attic) and The Roof-Terrace, with suggestive projections, holograms...

  • You can choose the language you want the tour on to consult times for each language and possibilities with the organization. Languages available: Catalan, Spanish, English and Russian. Other languages on request.

  • The visit includes a glass of cava at the end of the tour.

  • The 2 tickets have a vality of 6 months to visit la Pedrera Secreta, until 31/12/2014. The winner will be communicated all details to book the dates.

  • The tickets have a value of 30 euros each, they cannot be refunded or exchange for another service.


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DanielC commented about 6 years

My favourite Gaudí building is La Pedrera. Its internal and external architecture (let alone its outstanding terrace) make it a must for anyone who wants to experience the essence of Barcelona. Totally recommendable!

Jesus commented about 6 years

I really love Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, such an odd looking building, different, gothic, and tells a story. Definitely a good recommendation from one of the most known buildings from Gaudi!

Isabel commented about 6 years

Fa molt de temps que hi vaig anar a la Pedrera de nit i m'encantaria tornar :D

Anna commented about 6 years

Ara que visc a Esplugues em puc dedicar a fer turisme per Bcn :D salutacions Meritxell!

Meritxell commented about 6 years in response to Anna

Molta sort! :-)

Albert commented about 6 years

Que guay! Jo vull! Merci pel post!

Meritxell commented about 6 years in response to Albert

Molta sort!!

Julia commented about 6 years

Mi edificio favorito de Antoni Gaudí sin duda es La Pedrera. Siempre cuando tengo la posibilidad, voy a visitar La Casa Mila. La casa es preciosa tanto por fuera, como por dentro. Allí uno no encuentra ni una línea recta, todo está en perfecta armonía con la naturaleza. La verdad, que a veces es difícil explicar lo que uno siente, creo que por eso tenemos las emociones. Simplemente increible, como todo lo de Gaudí. ¡Muchas gracias por la oportunidad! ¡Suerte a todos!

Meritxell commented about 6 years in response to Julia

Hola Julia!! Gracias por participar y mucha suerte. Sin duda la Casa Milà es única!

Elia commented about 6 years

Doncs fa anys que no hi vaig, a veure si amb una mica de sort puc portar-hi a una persona especial que no hi ha estat. Records maca!

Meritxell commented about 6 years in response to Elia

Molta sort Elia!!

Meritxell commented about 6 years

A mi un dels llocs que més m'agrada és el Parc Güell. És genial per passejar i gaudir de l'arquitectura i d'un espai màgic a l'aire lliure.

Meritxell commented about 6 years in response to Meritxell

Hola Meritxell! Molt bona elecció, el Parc Güell és preciós. Molta sort!

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