TBU Rotterdam is a Travel Blogger Conference that this 2013 is held in Rotterdam, Holland from 16th to 19th May. I bought my pre-destination ticket to attend but unfortunately I cannot make it, so I thought why not give away my ticket so someone else can go?

I am quite a new travel blogger, and my first conference was last year TBEX in Girona, and I was not going to attend as I thought it was not worth it, as I was so new...Lucky I met Mrs O around the world and she convinced me to go and it was the best thing I could have done.

So if you are an experienced travel blogger you probably know what TBU is about and if you are newbie just like me I encourage you to try it out. What can be better than getting a ticket to TBU for free??


TBU Dates: from 16th to 19th May

Rotterdam, Holland

Venue: Mainport Hotel

There are some simple rules to win a ticket to TBU 2013:

  • You must be a travel blogger

  • You need to comment in this post answering the question: Why do you want to win a free ticket to TBU Rotterdam?

  • Like us on Facebook: Tourismwithme

What includes the Ticket: You can check it out in detail at TBU see an example below:

3 days of conference with lunch and night events included.

Free to all delegates

  • City Tours

  • Tour guide

  • Attraction entry

  • Transport (if required)

Free to Travel Bloggers (Limited Availability)

Photo or Video Workshops and Walks… they includes

  • Expert tuition – 90 minutes to help you improve your photography or videography

  • Walking tour of Rotterdam – 90 minutes -

Free to all Delegates

“Welcome To Rotterdam” Event

  • Food *

  • Drinks *

  • Networking

* Previous conferences have provided very generous hospitality, with plenty of food, drink and a quality event. You can expect the same at TBU Rotterdam.

So you only need to follow the simple rules to get into the contest and cross fingers to win the ticket!!!

On 18th March the winner will be announced!! Hurry up and get into the contest!

The contest has come to an end. I am happy to announce that the winner of the TBU conference pre-destination ticket is: Forrest Walker. Hurry up to get your place for the blogtrips. Congratulations!!

And more over is a pre-destination ticket so you have the chance to also get into a blog trip around Holland for three days


Steve Hall commented over 7 years

It must be 20 years since I was last in Rotterdam. Then it was one of the scruffiest, crime-ridden cities in Europe. I hear it has changed massively. I'd love to check it out!

Meritxell commented over 7 years in response to Steve Hall

Let's cross fingers so you get the chance Steve!! Good luck!

Steve Hall commented over 7 years in response to Meritxell

Many thanks! Touching wood all around me!

Forrest Walker commented over 7 years

I want to attend my third TBU conference to continue developing my blogging skills. There are experts that Oliver brings in that help me every time. I (although I have had this blog for three years) an still a novice at things like SEO. I always enjoy hanging with fellow bloggers even though I am twice the normal age! I also want to tour the cafes!

Sofie commented over 7 years

What a great giveaway! I actually just discovered TBU myself. I'm a blogger newbie (my blog's been up for 6 months now) and I'd love to attend TBU for several reasons: - although I'm from Belgium, I've never visited Rotterdam before. It would be awesome to be able to go for blogging purposes! - I've never attended a blogging conference before and just like you I'm hesitant on getting a ticket because I'm wondering if attenting will be useful/fun/interesting... And when I'm doubting like I am now, my decision usually ends up being a negative one - for several reasons, I haven't been able to take a trip yet this year. The TBU conference would be a great spring getaway! - As a blogging newbie I still have so much to learn and I'm hoping TBU can teach me some of the things I need to know - I'd love to meet other bloggers and industry professionals - my photography and video skills are so much as non existent. The workshops at TBU would help me A LOT! - I would be so amazingly grateful!:) - and so on and so on :-)

Meritxell commented over 7 years in response to Sofie

I am glad that you signed for the competition here!! I attended to TBEX last year and I was a newbie too, still am...Good luck for you Sofie. If you need anything let me know, you can contact me, that's what blogger mates are for!

Sofie commented over 7 years in response to Meritxell

Thanks! That's really kind of you. Who knows, if I get lucky I might contact you for some tips on how to prepare my TBU attendance:-) In the mean time I'll just stick around. Have a nice day!

Amandine commented over 7 years

Bon dia Meritxell, I have found your blog looking for inspirations to start my own Blog and it was really usefull. I especially liked how you link your blog to facebook and I would still like to know where the picture of Barcelona’s street with Umbrellas has been taken :) I am very new at Blogging too and didn´t even know about Travel blogging conferences. But reading your post about TBEX in Girona, it seems to be a great way to get started with fresh ideas and meeting blogging mates so I would love to enter the competition for the ticket :) I am also in Love with Barcelona and aways try new restaurants and tea shops (my favorite being Caj Chai :) so give me a shoot if you want to hang out sometimes :) Many Thanks and keep on with the great work!

Meritxell commented over 7 years in response to Amandine

Bon dia Amandine, Thank you for your kind comment, I really appreciate. If you would like to enter the competition, please comment in here saying why you would like to attend to TBU. Bear in mind that you must be a travel blogger, read tbu website for requirements of the attendees. I think your blog must be some months old at least. The photo of the umbrellas is from Olot, la Garrotxa, it was an instagram contest. Hope to see you around here.

Sofie commented over 7 years

Less than a week to go! Exciiiiiiting:-)

Meritxell commented over 7 years in response to Sofie

Yeah, let's see who is the lucky one!!

Sofie commented over 7 years in response to Meritxell

*fingers crossed* :)

Deon Venter commented over 7 years in response to Meritxell

When will the lucky one be announced? Would be good to have warning...

Meritxell commented over 7 years in response to Deon Venter

It will be announced on 18th March!

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