If you have been in Barcelona and walked around the seaside I am sure you have seen a giant golden fish but it could be that you didn't know it was from Frank Gehry. The fish has become one of the symbols of post-Olympic Barcelona, it is interesting how the sunlight gets reflected into the scales of the fish.

In 1992, Barcelona started transforming the seafront, it is said that before the Olympics Barcelona was living giving the back to the sea. Frank Gehry places the giant fish right in front of the Hotel Arts and next to the Mapfre tower in the sea front.

The giant fish is 56 metres long and 35 metres high and it is a good way to remind us about how lucky we are to have a wonderful city bathe by the Mediterranean sea.

The materials used for the sculpture are stainless steel that is supported by a metal structure. The way the metal has been placed and the sun effect it gives the impression that the fish has ture scales.

The golden fish has become one of Barcelona landmarks and is part of the city's skyline. The monumental metal structure designed by Gehry used a but of computer technology to help on the specification for the asymmetrical construction.