Got three days off? And you want to hit the road? Then you are just like me. So I want to share with you the steps I follow to take the best offer and how to decide where to go.

First of all, you need to answer these questions:

  • How many days I have off?

  • Am I flexible on dates?

  • Budget?

  • Do I want to go somewhere in particular?

The good thing and the bad thing about not having planned those days in advance it is that it might be very expensive to go where you wanted to go, and it might be very cheap to go somewhere else and perfect timing.

So keep your eyes open to take the best offer. Sometimes people get scared when the plane ticket is very high but what if staying in this country is very cheap? This might still fit in your budget although you spent more on the flight.

Take into account: the flight price, live in the place (cheap or expensive destination, money exchange in your favor, friends that live there where you can save in accommodation, temperature, kind of destination -beach, montain-...).

Here is how I do that, I have 4 days off from 6Dec to 9Dec , we decided around 70 euros for a flight and in near home -Europe, North Africa- so I started looking for a flight:

Skyscanner: from Barcelona to Everywhere. This is a fantastic tool, so you can know by country the cheapest price of a flight in the dates introduced.

Atrapalo lanzadera: it is map where all the flights available for the dates you introduced are ranged by price with a color. Very visual and helps seeing what could fit your plans.

Atrapalo Lanzadera

Atrapalo Lanzadera

And also I searched in Rumbo, Edreams and particular airlines that I use that are cheap: Ryanair and Easyjet that go from Barcelona to other places in Europe.

These are the options I got that we liked the most and we have never been before:

Swizerland, Geneva: from 6Dec to 9 Dec (4 full days) around 60 euros flying with Easyjet

Oslo, Norway with Ryanair: from 6Dec to 9Dec 70euros

Sicily, Palermo: 6Dec to 9Dec 40 euros Ryanair

Marrakech: 6Dec to 8Dec 91 euros Ryanair

Our thoughts were that Oslo and Swizerland were a good option, being cold countries for December, to visit in winter but also quite expensive comparing to the euro and 4 entire days could be a very high budget.

Sicily in Palermo it is a great option but maybe more for summer or spring time as there are great beaches, location, weather and kind of activities to do there.

So there we were with Marrakech left, so we decided that although the flight was more expensive, the money change was on our side and eating there and going around is quite cheap. We also knew about a nice and cheap accomodation in there.

So a total of 2 flights for 91 euros each and sleep two nights for 80 euros both=262 euros for two people, so 131 euros flight+accomodation for three days, two nights.

And here we go to Marraketch. It is very personal how to choose where to go so do not take this tips as the bible, your opinion and taste will always guide you through.

What do you think? Was it useful?

If you have your own tips please share it, it is always good to know resources and tips!

Safe travels