What is a travel to my inner self? In life you have ups and downs and sometimes we do realize something is going on when it is too late to see why it happened.

This is a different kind of travel, a travel to my inner self, I realized that something was happening to me and I didn't like but I had no clue how start changing it. I knew I could be stressed but I didn't know what had anything to do with me not sleeping or my tiredness.

Fear, fear and more fear, fear of not being accepted, fear of doing something wrong, fear of not being enough, we are full of fear, at least I am and I just started to realize it. Anxiety, stress, and panic attacks are something common nowadays.

Something like that happened to me, I realized that I felt very tired for no apparent reason, I couldn't sleep well and I had a very changing humor, somehow I got there but I didn't know the steps that took me to that situation.

I once went a Grinberg session and I could experience what it was about and one I found myself in that situation, I though Grinberg could be an option for me.

What is Grinberg's method?

The Grinberg method is based on that fear that does not allow you to move on, Grinberg helps you accept this fear and learn to live with it. You can get over your doubts and uncertainty, learn from your body and experience every step of the way.

I started doing some classes of Grinberg method, to explain it fast and simple what it is, Grinberg allowed me to see the first step of what was happening to me. My body was fighting against situations I didn't want to accept, things that I was not able to digest and all I was doing was demonstrating all that physically with my lack of sleep and tiredness.

Núria, my Grinberg practitioner helped me understand what my body was doing to cause these symptoms I noticed. I felt like in a videogame, only that I could only see the 5th screen (no sleep and tiredness) without knowing what has happened from the 1st screen to the 5th one (every little step and move).

Little by little with Núria's help I started to realize steps 1 to 5, my movements, so for example, when I get nervous I tent to close my diaphragm and I feel all tight and my neck and shoulders get all tense.

Following her instructions I learnt how not to do that and minimize it so my body stays calmer and relaxed. I call it a travel to my inner self as although I have lived with myself forever I haven't travelled since now through myself to discover all those parts.

You can see it in Mr. Grinberg's words:

How does a Grinberg session look like?

Grinberg uses touch, breathing techniques, movements and different exercises that allow you to gain perception on what your body needs and does, recognize its signals.

The sessions help you recognize what your body does, in my example of the diaphragm for example, I was all tight when I got nervous as I didn't want to feel but just block a negative situation. I learnt to see how I was contracting myself and avoid doing it, stop the harming part and push the positive part, be calmer, learn to relax muscles and parts of my body I didn't know that existed.

In Grinberg sessions, they help you reproduce exactly what your body does in your everyday life. I had drama attacks every now and then and started crying for no apparent reason. Grinberg reproduces that drama in the sessions using touch in your body and pressure points.

Reproducing exactly what you do ensures you notice that feeling and you recognize it when it happens again, in real life. Núria helped me understand those feelings and how to canalize my energy and focus to heal what needed help and loosen up what needed a break.

So what is my Grinberg take away?

We have lost in general perception in our body and since I started with Grinberg I am very much ready to listen to myself, my body gave me signals before that I had no idea how to interpret. I have learnt to listen and act in a way that helps me instead of harming me.

So now I sleep better, my humour is stable and I don't feel terribly tired all the time. I have improved phycally, there is no doubt about it but also mentally and my skills have grown. As I feel calmer and I have more stability I am able to listen more and choose when to speak and also when to be more energetic or keep my calm. I am more accurate in listening to my body and I even can notice when my jaw is tense and I learnt to relax it naturally. I didn't know all those things about my body and one of the things I liked the most about the method is that you learn by yourself, at your own pace in your terms and is all applicable.

It is not a massage kind of thing that you feel great after it but two weeks later you are at the starting point. You can feel better and you will learn to do it by yourself.

Do you want to try a session of Grinberg method for free ?

In Barcelona, my practitioner Núria gives Grinberg sessions, if you contact her and tell her you have seen my post you have a first free session, enjoy it!! You can contact Nuria for a 1srt free session at: [email protected]

This is the best way to encourage it to try it, there is something that I can't transfer you and it is the experience of trying it yourself. I am sure you have things to improve, physically, things you don't like about you and the effort and patience to learn is all worth it to be happier with yourself I certainly am.

If you want to know more:

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