When going to Thailand I was looking for spas to try the most known Thai Massage and enjoy one of the typical activities to be done in Thailand. I was looking for somewhere typical but also with certain comforts and I found the health land spa chain, it is a brand well known for the middle class in Thailand.

Health Land Spa are establishments with all the comforts of the european world but very local as thais go there. We booked in advanced by phone and we had 1:30hrs minutes of aromatherapy oil massage and had a cost of 850 baths per person (around 22 euros).

This is a very cheap price for a massage of one hour and half so I was not going to miss the opportunity. We booked in Bangkok Ekkamai building and it is a big facility with different kinds of rooms. We went to the counter as we had a reservation already and we paid upfront, after that they asked us to wait on the waiting room untile being called by our names.

I have to admit that I was worried that Meritxell was not an easy name for thais so we might not recognise our names when being called, but the truth is we were the only westerns in there so probably by would notice, and we did.

They gave us a pair of slippers and kept our shoes, we wanted to have the massage together in a couple cabin and they guided us to a double cabin with three stretchers and two showers.

When booking a massage in thailand one of the first thing you will be looking at is if the place has showers as you can imagine the heat in Thailand so would like to have a shower to take the sweat out before relaxing into your massage.

We loved that, we showered and we relaxed in the stretchers until our ladies came into to star the massage. It was very relaxing for me, they spoke little english but we understood each other anyway.

She massaged the whole body from toes to head, I would definetely come back if I visit Thailand again.