If you are visiting Barcelona for more than 2 days and you plan to use public transport my recommendation is to choose your Hola BCN! pass for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days and plan your route around the city and metropolitan area on public transport. This includes metro and bus (TMB), local train (FGC), tram (TRAM) and regional train (Rodalies de Catalunya). Use it on the Rodalies train to and from the airport too!

How does Hola Bcn! work?

The travel card is used for unlimited journeys during consecutive days, if you buy  the 2 days card for example, the card will be valid from the moment you use it, for two consecutive days. You need to take into account that it is a personal unlimited card, it can only be used by one person during the whole duration. 

As any transport card, it needs to be taken care of, in good condition so it works with the machines, keep it safe in your purse or pocket so it lasts until the last day of validity. If you happen to have any issues with the card when trying to get into the metro, tram or bus, ask one of the staff members, they are able to change your card if it has been damaged. If you have problems using your Hola BCN! card, please contact a member of staff in the metro or on the bus.

Take note that is not valid for the night bus, since it is another company who runs the service. If you need to use the night bus you will have to buy single tickets. The card if you use the public transport a lot while being in the city it will help you save in transportation, it allows you to use different means of transport such as the:

  • Metro
  • Tram
  • Bus
  • Ferrocarril de Catalunya (FGC)
  • Local trains -Rodalies de Catalunya-

Where to buy Hola Bcn! pass and prices

You can buy your Hola Bcn! pass online and you will get a 10% discount, this way you have it already with you when you arrive into the city. If you buy it online, the travel card can be sent by post to your home office or you have the option to change your vouchers at the ticket vending machines in the metro.

If you would like to buy it on arrival you can also do that through the tourist offices in the city or in any vending machine located in the metro station. You can check out also the different metro card options. If for some reason you end up not using the card at all, it will be valid until the 28th February of next year, so you have time to use it another time in the city or give it away to a friend who is visiting us.

Find below 2015 prices of the pass, the price increases the more days it covers but the conditions are exactly the same in all passes. The price is the same regardless the age of the person.

  • 2 days:14 euros
  • 3 days: 20.5 euros
  • 4 days: 26.50 euros
  • 5 days: 32 euros