Holidays...mmm...anyone who does not like them? I am always waiting for next holidays and I get this post-depression after having had a great time and having to return to work.

When you go back to work, everyone says: you look well. Do you really do? Obviously you might be tanned and might have gotten 2 more kilos but is there a healthy reason for that?

Nuffield Health and Kuoni partner to have a study done about what are the health benefits to going on holidays. The study was carried by 12 individuals that had health assessments and psychological tests. Half of the group were sent for holidays to Thailand, Peru or the Maldives...

Why did I found out when they have done it already...I could have participated, a holiday to either of these places could do good to me too.

The group who went on holidays and the group who didn't got tests after that and the study showed that all the holidaymakers improved their stress, sleep quality and blood pressure.

The study has showed that going on holidays improves your body and mind in different aspects. Check out this summary of the study:

So you are not crazy when you think I was so much better when being on holidays. It is not only the fact that you are not working, which is nice too, but also that your body condition is improving.

It is a very interesting study if you want to have a look, here you have it: Kuoni Holiday Health Experiment.

Just reading that I cannot wait to go on holiday. You can tell that when you are on holidays you feel more relaxed, happier and in a good mood.

For me going on holidays is...enjoying good food, company, experiences, and be in touch with nature.

What about you? What is for you being on holidays!! Share it with us

Disclaimer: Just sharing the article as I think it is very interesting for the travel industry and us as travel individuals. No promotion intended.