I can't help it, I am a city girl and you know how much I love Barcelona but as city lovers sometimes we need to get away, we need some time with nature to scape our comfort zone. So there I was in Reus and Falset for two days, a friend of mine invited me in Hostal Sport, we were told that they have a very good restaurant so there we were eager to discover it.

We had to stay somewhere near Reus so what a good opportunity to get to know a new place. We arrived at Hostal Sport around 19pm and I was very pleased with our room, very big and with two bathrooms for just the two of us, so no girl fight in the morning! This is always a plus.

We went for a walk around falset and wine is all around, shops full of wine and olive oil -I couldn't resist and I bought a bottle of "arbequina" olives, we love it with bread-.

We had our dinner in Hostal Sport, a hamburger with foie, oh yes we totally deserved it and I loved it, very good quality of meat and who doesn't like foie? I I was so hungry that was gone in no time .And a great dessert, red berries stew with coconut ice cream, the warm stew with the ice cream is a very good combination.

My favorite part when I visit the countryside hotels are this lovely breakfast that have products from the surrounding area, "embotit" cold meat such as iberian ham, fuet (dry sausage very typical from Catalonia, cheeses etc...

I was very happy to find pa de pagès -rustic bread- and tomatos and garlic available so you can rub your bread with it, fresh squeezed orange juice and pastries and cakes as well.

We said goodbye to Falset with a very good taste of what the area is, I can't wait to be back and be involved in a wine activity.