Hostels for couples? Yes, sir. I had never been in a hostel before with my boyfriend since we thought about staying in one when going to Marrakech. We though about a low budget option to sleep that could fullfil our needs.

I met the equity point in TBEX so I thought to give it a try. We went to Marrakech, for three days, for two nights and we stayed in a Superior Room. The Equity Point Marrakech was amazing, a riad in the center of the Medina, very near the main square, Jemaa El Fna.

You can see below our way to the hostel, tiny streets, narrow ones, covered roof streets, it is a very interesting maze. You can see my boyfriend here on the way back to the Equite point. I think having the accommodation in the same medina is a great choice, you are in the middle of the city, 5 min from the main square. Although the first night it was a good thing for us to book a transfer from the hostel as it might be a bit of cultural shock to wind around at night if you are not used to.


It was my first time in Marrakech and in Africa, so there were loads of things that surprised me. When you get into the narrow streets to get into the hostel, it looks like all houses are poor and little. Your surprise is when you open the door of the hotel and there is a huge palace inside although in the outside it looks very poor little house.

We realised that this is something typical in Morocco, no ostentation at all, even the most beautiful places are hidden on the inside and there is no clue just looking on the façade outside.


So there we were in a hostel, we had a private room with bathroom for ourselves, in the main courtyard. Beautiful decoration, and nice courtyard with a sofa area to relax. Also there is a swimming pool area that it is surrounded by the biggest rooms for groups.

I haven't thought before about a hostel to go with my partner, but I think it is a good opportunity for different things. There are people around and you tent to mingle more as everyday you see the same people and you are in the same situation, visiting a country or place.

The hostel has a nice young atmosphere, although there are people of all ages and with different kinds of travelling and purposes. I liked the comfy places to stay in the hostel, there are loads of areas to lay down, sit and surf the internet, read or just stay there and chat a bit.

The place is huge and there are different terraces on the roof, common areas, and a little kitchen too.

There is the possibility to have massages in the same hostel. We did not have a lot of time in Marrakech, a long weekend of three days so we decided to have a hammam bath in the same hostel.

It was good for a quick fix so we could say that we had a hammam, we had it right before we wento to the airport coming back to Barcelona. We went back all relaxed after our three days in Marrakech. I totally recommend you to plan sometime to go to a typical hammam or at least a touristy one, there are loads of options, so discover the one made for you.

Lovely mint teas is something I loved in Marrakech, this is the one we had fro breakfast. The breakfast is orange juice fresh squeezed, yoghurt, cake and pancakes with jam, and also the mint tea. It is a welcome drink, serve yourself!

Disclaimer: The stay has been offered by Equity Point Marrakech. As you always know, no one can't buy love so this is my honest opinion on the services offered.


Vero4travel commented over 7 years

In my opinion our first impression in Africa its the same. Everything looks poor. But its something cultural / artistic because in the Alhambra of Granada happens the same, the walls and buildings are poor but later inside its a paradise. good hotel, good to know :). pd: Nice pic about your traveller :). Jesús Martínez Vero4travel

Meritxell commented over 7 years in response to Vero4travel

Thanks Jesús. Nice to hear from you. I think different countries have different impressions on you, probably Africa is a bit special on that. I certainly think I am not into this kind of destinations right now, but happy to explore it in the future :P Thanks for your comment, is always good to know what others think.

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