Hotel Market is a boutique style hotel in Barcelona, it has a lovely minimalistic design that makes you want to stay at the hotel. It is located right in front Sant Antoni market, I love this area, full of life and it allows you to visit the city as a local. The hotel belongs to the Andilana group, we stayed with them in Palamós and they also have restaurants in Barcelona, one of our favorites La Rita.

Although the hotel is a 3 star hotel it definitely looks like a 4 star due to the design and comfortable furniture. The standard room is a bit tiny but perfect to discover the city, so you won't be much in the room. Only to sleep and get energy for the next day.

I stayed in my own city at the Hotel Market, the same day that I was going for 080 fashion closing event so I took some time to explore the surroundings, lovely shops and food and veg stalls all around. I totally recommend the area, you need to go for a walk on Sunday morning at the secondhand book and others market of Sant Antoni.

The thing I liked the most is the bathroom, the same style as Hotel Trias in Palamós, I loved the shower head is so big you feel warm at all times in a rainy day. I need to get one of those in my house!!

Breakfast at Hotel Market

Breakfast at Hotel Market

I slept like a princess after a long night and woke up to this magnificent breakfast with cake pops, chocolate lollipops and my favorite: chocolate rocks white and black. Chocolate rocks are a vice to me and I have never seen them for breakfast in a hotel, they got me there!!

They have a wide variety of breads, I am a cereal or brown bread fan so I liked that, it is very boring to only see plain bread as a choice. I love these weird juices that are far beyond peach and pineapple. They had carrot and orange juice and pamplemouse juice.

There was a fruit basket and yogurts and also for the salty ones cured meats, Spanish ham, fuet -cured meat typical from Catalonia, cheese and scrambled eggs with bacon.

With this breakfast, we had all the energy we needed to go through the day! It was good quality of food, cheap hotel for Barcelona prices and worth every penny.

Bar Rosso at Hotel Market

Their Bar Rosso, decorated in red as its name indicates, is a combination of rococó design and a refined design that fits the Hotel Market where it is a located. The Rosso Bar is a cocktail bar but also perfect to take a snack, locals and foreigners mingle in the bar looking for urban food. They have a selection of tapas and little bites such as hummus, mini croquettes, iberian ham and olives. If you want to eat a complete dinner, head to the market restaurant, with this touch of Andilana group, local food at good prices.

You need to try their signature cocktail, Rosso with gyn, blueberries, and lime touches, they have a wide selection of cocktails. They also have different kind of vermouth, perfect for a Sunday brunch or vermout time with a tiny bite.

Sant Antoni area

That location is the perfect spot to visit Sant Antoni area, you will discover amazing places to go for a brunch in Barcelona at La Federal or Bar Calders, visit Sant Antoni's market or go for shopping.

Great area for shopping in Barcelona, I did and I found the best bargain ever, a mango dress for 4.95 euros perfect for the closing event of 080 fashion and nobody knew it was a bargain. The Sant Antoni market has stalls all around that sell clothes as well as shops in the surroundings.

There are so many things to do in Sant Antoni, it is plenty of street art, theatres, near the city center, a 20 minute walk to Plaça Universitat and Plaça Catalunya. Discover everything you can do in the area in our post about Sant Antoni.

Sant Antoni market

Standard Double Rooms start from 62 euros. A great deal, near the city center in a quiet area but full of nice restaurants and shopping area. A girls dream!!

On Sundays these days they have a great vermouth offer: 4.95 euros for 2 sea urchins from Palamós+ 1 glass of vermouth.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Hotel Market in Comte Borrell, 68 to try their services. As always the opinion is my own.