Every year the hotel terrace week in Barcelona offers a wide variety of activities to do in the city in the hotel terraces. This year 2016, the hotel terrace week is from 3rd June until 10th June, and you will be able to participate in free activities such as magic shows, live music bands, wine tastings, 

The hotel terraces are the perfect place to experience the true Barcelona, you have views of the city while enjoying a free activity, from tasting cheese and cava, to experiencing a massage, gin and tonic tastings or a music band performance

Another year of the hotel terrace week that kicks off the summer in Barcelona, the 6th edition comes with 66 hotels participating, a historical record and with more than 230 free activities to enjoy.

Going out to enjoy hotel terraces has become a trend and one that will stay around, who doesn't enjoy a beer in a terrace with magnificent views, comfy sofas or chairs, and good weather. When going up to a hotel terrace, you leave all your stress at the door and you enjoy outdoors.

There are different kinds of activities:

  • Gastronomical activities: you will find here any gastronomical activities and this year Catalonia has been awarded the European Region of Gastronomy 2016, so what best to taste some typical dishes and beverages.
  • Torres activities: those activities are related to wine, with wines from the Torres wine cellar. There are tastings, a wine truck, magic shows etc...
  • Family activities: there are activities for all the family with also for the little ones of the house. Enjoy workshops, magic shows, show cookings and much more.

To check the agenda for the week and the different activities go to Mesqhotels, note that all the information is in Catalan and cannot be translated to any other language, so you will need to use google translator or any other kind of module that allows you to see the page in another language.