How to prepare a great travel (Como preparar un gran viaje), it is a basic book on your shelf as a traveler. If you are preparing a the travel of your life, going around during more than a month or a year this is the perfect guide to take everything into account.

For those who can read in Spanish is a good choice of guide for a long travel around the world. Unfortunately the book is not translated in English yet, but who knows maybe if there is enough audience for it they might do it, you can contact them in twitter in: un gran viaje

The book has different chapters each of them talking about a topic important when preparing a big travel. The chapters are:

Before you travel: initial planning, how much will cost, with who should I travel, luggage, documentation, travel insurance, health, money management and other arrangements.

Once in route: safety, how to make Money last, travel in a responsible way, keep in touch, documentation and travel is for everyone.

Only reading the names of the chapters you can imagine that these ones will answer to your questions before planning a gap year around the world.

You need preparation, know what you want to do and sometimes take into account things that you never thought of such as: having someone to take care of your house or someone to be able to do bureaucracy for you –she or he will need a written permission- etc…

I think is a good experience to read it just for the sake of travelling. I am not planning a long travel just now but all this advice was good for me to think what it would be necessary to do so.

Dreaming is a great part of life, so if you have not planned a super cool long travel yet, maybe reading the book you might feel that you need to, or you would love to do it some time.