Humana is a second hand shop textile chain very famous in Spain. They develop cooperation projects to help the community development and promote education in some areas.

To be able to do these actions, the income is from the spanish textile market, selling second hand clothes through humana shops. I am telling you all this because sometimes we only think about the nice clothes they have in there or how lovely is that purse but there is a social action behind that and it is important to know that you are contributing.

Without further ado, Humana Vintage!! I discovered the other day walking around Gràcia area, humana vintage shop. A shop full of vintage clothes, I see my granma dresses everywhere but the truth is I started to like it!

I loved the decoration, I would have bought the suitcases, they were super cute, vintage style, boxes, shoes, accessories...everything! It is a pitty some things were decoration only not on sale!

I loved the shoes displayed this way and it is a great idea to apply that if possible in the house. If you like vintage and cheap this is your place no doubt!

I shall be back to check the new arrivals!

2014-01-16 19.24.10