Humans of Barcelona is the project by the photographer Enric Mestres. I first met Enric when he was taking pictures of myself in the staff party at work, and I thought OMG he captured my beauty...I really liked the photos and digged a little deeper on his work.

Humans of Barcelona started named as Lalala Barcelona with the same concept as Humans of New York and when the famous New York Humans appeared it was clear that the name had to evolve.

I found his interesting project that is gathered in Humans of Barcelona, his photo blog where he shows portraits of people that he finds around Barcelona.

He jumps to the street every week hunting citizens and capturing their essence.It is extraordinary to see the different people around the city all shown in the same place, from interesting professions to looks that enhance social movements, fathers, mothers, sons etc...There is a bit of everything in the world, the same that Humans of Barcelona shows to the public.

He is an extrovert so he finds it easy to involve people in the project and let him take a couple of pictures of them and tell their own story, he includes interesting facts about the person in his portraits on his web and facebook page.

He has published a video of the process he follows to find unique people around the city, ask for their permission to take a portrait of course and create this amazing collection of portraits, a city's vibe through their people. I recommend you to watch it, it is in catalan with subtitles in English and Spanish.

It is amazing what his photographs can make you feel, he has a touch that you can understand the portrait, this person that is looking right into your eye. I loved the idea so much I had to share it with you all, this unique portraits have been gathered in a book.

He shows the portrait and some descriptive lines of that person on the caption. It is amazing how different all they are but we are all part of the same our beautiful Barcelona map made of portraits.

He has launched a book with selected portraits, now you are able to buy this amazing photos to have them on your shelf. If you want to get the book contact Enric at [email protected] to get your copy.

See some of his work. I love their eyes, they can tell you so much, don't they?

 baby portrait

Sarwan Singh by Enric Mestres

Sarwan Singh by Enric Mestres

Amador Demba by Enric Mestres

Amador Demba by Enric Mestres