Andorra is this little country between Spain and France, living in Catalonia is only 3 hours away from Barcelona, and it is the perfect spot for relax with its famous Caldea, a natural hot spring in the same Andorra la Vella and also a paradise for shopping.

I went to Andorra this time with my Fashion Travel Blogger ladies to spent a girls weekend shopping with the excuse of the Andorra shopping festival, imagine 6 women together for a whole weekend with no husbands and in a shopping festival, my trolley bag was so full I couldn't even close it...

Anyway...most of us knew Andorra already so the main must see we were already aware of, but Inüu got our attention and we decided to try it out. Inúu is a thermoludical centre with thermal baths, sauna and relax spaces but much more personalized experience than Caldea.

Inüu has thermal water baths indoors and also outdoors where you can enjoy the fresh air on your face while having your body warm at 32-33ºC and of course enjoying the views.

Indoors they have three lakes with different cascades and water seats, I loved that they have sort of water gym machines, so if you want you can ride a bike or run in a running machine. They also have a gym

What I loved the most about Inüu are the details, they have a great relaxation area called Ü Lounge with wooden warm chaise longes to relax after a massage or whenever you decide it is time to sit down and relax. I so want one of these in my living room....

The amazing thing about Inüu is that it is exclusive, children under 16 years are not allowed neither big groups which makes the experience very different and relaxed.

There are different packs for entrances, the cheapest is 49 euros for a night ticket, the general entrance fee is 65 euros and it is a day entrance, you can spent as much time as you want during opening times. You also have a pack for night entrance that includes the dinner at their restaurant ÏO.My recommendation is that you eat in, either with the dinner entrance or the day one, their food was great, they have healthy menus with surprising ingredients, youl shall see my menu below. It was a pitty though that it took a bit of time to serve it to us.


We had a great day going around the different options at Inüu and we stayed for lunch at their restaurant IÖ, where you can get inside with your bathrobe or towel, which makes it easier as you don't have to dress up and right after that you can continue with your circuit around the baths. They have different kinds of menus depending on what your body needs, they are categorized by:

Water: Liquid foods or with aquatic origin, light and cooked in steam or with marine components that encourage moisturising.

Sensorial: Contrasting flavours and textures. Explosion of nutrients for healthy nourishment of the body and to stimulate all the senses.


Disclaimer: We were invited by Andorra tourism to attend to the Andorra Shopping festival, but as always the opinion is my own.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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