I went to London last month right after the Olympics, and you know that feeling when you have not been around for a while and think wow, things have changed here since last time. So that was my impression when I went to Notting Hill, we were heading to the famous Portobello market when we saw the new Jamie Oliver's shop.

For those who don't know Jamie Oliver, he is a British cook who became one of the most famous chefs in TV in UK. Generally his cuisine is a mix of italian and oriental and aromatic herbs, species and chili have an important part on his flavors.

Said that, I loved the shop in Notting Hill, the atmosphere, the food, OMG everything looked so delish, bread, muffins, tarts, cakes, even the species in pots looked astonishing.

Jamie Oliver's focaccia

Jamie Oliver's focaccia

I didn't know that he owned shops, you can buy food to go, products, books etc..But what inerested me the most was the lessons. There are cooking lessons for everyone, there are cooking lessons for adults but also for kids. Food from everywhere, japanese food, risotto lessons, vietnamese food, pasta making, sushi etc...

But there is always a sad side of every story, there are no shops in Spain, so unless I go back to the UK I have no chance to assist to some lessons. Jamie Oliver if you hear me from here, please take your shops to Spain, we love good food in here too!

Cheese and more cheese