I love walking, I would go everywhere on foot, but how annoying it is when you are wearing shoes that are uncomfortable or make your feet ache. What about shoes that are super comfy and also help you tone?

Oh yes, this is possible, I am so happy since I discovered Joya shoes, I bought a pair of trainers so I could try them out and see how it went. I used them in my trip to Budapest the first time, I wanted to try them out for some days walking around the city.

They didn't disapoint me, they are comfortable, even if you have been walking all day you might feel tired but your feet do not ache, and you can also feel that the shoes have been toning your butt and legs all the way.

It is a unique walking sensation, it is very soft, comfortable and it is easy on the joints. Walking with this shoes helps your back to be more straight and helps correct your posture and also assists on balance of your weight through all parts of your feet.

They help to tighter your silhouette, I can assure you that my butt has reduced but also is tighter and so are my legs.

I am so happy I found them, so I have now two pairs, one pair of trainers and some nice beige shoes that I can wear with casual/smart clothes. I want to get a pair of sandals too. This shoes are a safe choice for those that we have loads of problems with shoes and sensitive feet.

I need to pamper myself a little bit with this kind of things, I normally love this super trendy shoes and very smart but when I buy them I feel that I cannot wear them more than 5 minutes because they hurt or my feet get swollen.