Casa Milà, popularly known as La Pedrera is an amazing modernist building by Gaudí. In Barcelona there are different buildings from the same architect, if you wish to visit the buildings check Gaudí buildings in Barcelona to do your own route. You can visit in the same day Casa Batlló that it is very near La Pedrera, on the same street Passeig de Gràcia.

It is called La Pedrera because of its appearance, an open quarry. It was built between 1906 and 1912 and declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1984.The Casa Milà was asked to be built by Milà family, they were industrialist. They wanted a family home but also with the option to rent apartments, by that time Passeig de Gràcia started being the main bourgeois area.

La Pedrera has two appartment blocks with separate entrances that are linked by two inner courtyards.La pedrera was Gaudí's last civil building, and one of the most functional and practical, but at the same time innovatory in the construction and also the decoration and ornamental part

I am a huge fan of Gaudí, and I love the attention to detail, to the little elements, the balconies, ornaments and his passion for professions related to working materials that helped him in his ornamentation: pottery, wood, carpenter, iron, trencadís etc...

Gaudí was inspired by nature, he applied natural shapes in his ornaments, he introduced this shapes in archs as well, the catenary arch that he uses in most of his buildings.

I have always wanted to live in la Pedrera, I still have some that I might, the apartments are incredible, 400m2 of appartment with light all day from the façade and also on the inside by the inner courtyards.

Gaudí even designed most of the furniture for the main floor, but it is very little that remains to be visited by the public. Most of the furniture ended up in private collections.

The roof and chimneys are very similar than the ones you can find in Casa Batlló, the rooftop looks like a an army of warriors that protect the building.