L'Ametlla de Mar is an unknown paradise in the south of Catalonia, in general the most famous beaches are in la Costa Brava in North Catalonia but the south, Costa Daurada has nothing to envy and if you don't believe me keep reading and see it for yourself in the pictures.

I like to go to the beach but one of the things I hate the most is the crowds and the advantage of visiting a place that is not that famous is that you get to enjoy it without having to share it with thousands of other tourists.

We have spent a weekend in l'Ametlla and we have visited different beaches that I will explain you below, l'Ametlla is a little town of fishermen, so it is a great chance to eat some fish and good fish paellas.

Our beach weekend in l'Ametlla de Mar

We are beach fans and before heading to the Ametlla we asked around our colleagues what are the best beaches in the area, so we could try as much as we could! We love "cales", cales is the catalan word for small bay, this means less people and beautiful landscape around most of the times. See our "cales" route:

Cala Sant Jordi

Is the third small bay of these group of three that are located one next to each other, but we didn't go to visit this one. In Ametlla de mar tourism they have a selection of beaches grouped by unspoilt beaches. We have just visited the small bays -called calas in catalan) that are in Urbanització 3 cales: which are Cala Vidre, Cala Sant Jordi and Cala Forn.

Cala Vidre

All the ones I went to are white sand beaches as we didn't have any feet protection to go to the ones with pebbles, but all of them look amazing is just a matter of what you prefer. We always like to have a beer in a bar near by so bars at the beach are always a plus.


Cala Forn

Another white sand beach, Cala Forn, and this one has a little bar on the back, as you can see we were almost alone in the beach and the landscape is amazing. I so recommended it, even if you don't like the beach you can walk around the small bays following paths that are called GR and there are signs to follow them with white and red flags painted in rocks on the path.


We had a lunch in town in Restaurant Oh! Mar (Plaça del Canó num. 1) , their terrace overlooks the harbour. They have a daily menu of 16 euros per person and we could eat some fish, we had fried fish and squid and as a main a black paella that is done with squid ink, a good start for a holiday time!


We stayed at Camping l'Ametllain an offer that we took at 20 euros a night for the two of us for a bungalow. It was decent and just what we needed for a short getaway but the equipment and facilities were quite old. Most likely the offer was for the oldest bungalows, it was still a good experience and at a good price. The bungalows can accommodate up to 5 people and have the bathroom inside the bungalow. The camping has a swimming pool and a restaurant, it was good to have the chance to swim a bit in the hot hours of the day.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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