In my visit in Girona I was amazed about the legends there are around town. While doing a city tour through the old town and the history of the area we discovered loads of legends that I would like to share with you. Legends are part of the identity of a town, stories that have been told for years, parents have explained them to their children until now, spreading the story around.

One of the most famous legend in Girona is the lioness butt. The legend says that whoever wants to be a good citizen in Girona and never leave town, or if he has to leave and come back again, you need to kiss the lioness butt. The column of the lioness it is a sculpture that you can find in Calderers street. It could be that this column was originally in the Lioness guest house in old times. Nowadays you can find in Calderers street a reproduction of the original that is kept in the Art Museum.

In the Cathedral, there is also another legend: the witch of the Cathedral. Many years ago, there was in Girona a woman that used to be a witch and to show her hate against everything that was religious, she used to insult to religious people and throw away stones to the cathedral.

A day during the procession of Corpus, she was throwing stones while the procession was moving forward, and a voice was heard: "stones you will throw and stone you will remain"...The witch all of a sudden became a stone witch and they placed her in the wall next to Carlomagno's tower as a gargoyle. From her mouth will never come out insults as before but rain water and she is looking the floor so she will never see the sky again.

I have another legend for you guys that I loved, is this magical legends that makes you laugh as it is totally a miracle. This is the legend of San Narcís and the flies. Sant Narcís and Sant Félix were from Girona, a bishop and a deacon. Sant Narcís relic remains in Girona, where has been venerated and it is said that the relic has done miracles.

One of this miracles happened when the King of France came to Girona and burnt the city and all he could find around. The situation was unsustainable, when one day San Narcís 's tomb opened and from there thousands of flies came out to battle agains the french ones that where at the other side of the fortress. The enemies died with one bite of the flies and the invasion of the city ended. All the enemies that were alive they run to Paris after this, so the city of Girona was safe again.

The next legend is the legend of the butler and it is probably one of the newest ones. The butler was a lady who was kind of butler and housekeeper who went to Girona with the bishop. She was an old woman, fat, pretentious and gossip. She also was famous for being a great cook and an expert on esoteric arts. She was dressed with colourful clothes and she wore jingle bells so everyone could hear her when she was around.

One day the bishop invited in a guest to have lunch, and she had to cook the lunch for them. The butler hated the guest and she wanted to make fun of her, so she made some sausages with white beans (very typical of Catalonia). But instead of doing the traditional sausages, she invented ones with cinnamon and lemon that were sweet to give to the guest.

She thought that she would be disgusted, but on the contrary, she loved them or so she said and this was the moment when sweet sausage very typical from Girona were invented.

Did you enjoyed this walk through Girona legends? I certainly did, legends are part of the culture and it is something you will always remember from the town.

Disclaimer: The guided tours through Girona has been offered by Costa Brava Tourism Board at TBEX conference. As you always know, no one can't buy love so this is my honest opinion on the services offered.