Llançà is a place that brings memories, I lived in Llançà for three months when I was 18 years old, it was my first job related to hospitality in Grifeu -a beach area outside the town-.

Three months in Llançà allowed me to know very well the town so I hope I can help you discover a little gem in Costa Brava that it might not be that known.

I was young and it was my first true working experience, 6 days a week 8 hours a day in my internship being in the reception of the hotel. I had no clue how to start and we had the hotel full of french customers so I had to make an effort and speak the little french I knew.

I used to eat a daily menu at Llançà Port and at le Proveçal, they are both near the harbour, for a pizza we went to Pizzeria l'Italia, they have a little terrace outside were you can enjoy lunch or dinner.

Beaches in Llança


Of course since I worked at Grifeu, I have to tell you about Grifeu beach, it its located in the 15.5km in the motorway to Portbou. The beach has fine sand and the water is crystal clear, the beach is 170 metres long and 30 metres wide and has public toilets, a lot of families with kids go there. Be aware that beaches in this area although there are sand beaches there are a lot of rocks, when I lived here I had to be taken to the hospital because a sea urchin was right were I stepped, it is pretty painful, so be cautious.

You can eat at the beach in one of the restaurants or a chiringuito that opened in the beach, prices are low in the chiringuito and nice food and medium price in the restaurants.

The other famous beach in town is the harbour beach, as it is located near the harbour. The beach is accessible for wheelchairs and there are showers and public toilets. There is a stroll near the sea side that is perfect to walk as well and is full with shops and restaurants.


There are little bays called cales near Llançà that are interesting to go for a swim as well:

Cala Sant Jordi: is my favorite place in Llançà, located between Grifeu breach and morro del cap Ras, is a quite beach with an amazing view. After a rough day I could sit there for hours and watch the sky and the sea. There is a little hill that goes down to the sea, but on the top of the hill there are stone hammocks to lay down looking at the landscape, the perfect place to read a book or just relax, is just 50m away from the beach. Of course the beach is a good option as well, families that rented the appartments nearby go there but it is a quiet one, so let's keep the secret!

Cau del llop: is located in the motorway that goes from Llançà to Port de la Selva, it is a rocky beach but the water is crystal clear.

Cala la Farella: It is probably the most popular beach in Llança, if the Tramuntana -wind typical from l'Empordà area- blows this is the perfect beac, since it doesnt affect it.

Bramant: you can access this beach from Canelles beach, you need to walk to get there and it is a gravel beach

Where to eat in Llançà


Llança is a fishing town so I wouldn't go for a steak in here, they have two different events around fish in town: in June langoustine and in September "el Palangre", and restaurants join the feast preparing special dishes that contain these ingredients.

Llançà is blessed to have a Michelin star restaurant called Miramar and I had the priviledged to eat here when I lived in Llançà. It was a true gastronomic experience and what I liked the most was the dessert, an incredible tiramisú that had a coffe explosion flooding the dish with a coffee sauce the moment you put the spoon in. It is all about textures, flavours and different ways to enjoy food. They had an incredible selection of wines, I do remember a 400 page menú for wines...I was 18 years old and I couldnt not get my head around it.

I ate in Llançà many times in my free days at the hotel so I can recommend you some of them, I liked to go out to eat something during their market day, on Wednesday's. If you are there on a Wednesday go for a walk, there is a bit of everything in the market, food, clothes... They also have market days in the coastal path right on the harbour.

What to do in Llançà

Llançà might be one of those towns less known by foreigners, but it is still Costa Brava and has many things to offer, I will show you around.

There are a couple of historical sites that are interesting to see:

Romanic tower: is the only element that remains from the old Sant Vicenç church. After the construction of the new church in XVII century the tower remained being used as a bell tower.

Refuge Plaça de la república: in Llançà there is a Civil war refuge, not only in big cities such as Barcelona there were refuges but everywhere in Catalonia. The refuge was built right below Sant Vicenç church and had a capacity for 500 people and is one of the biggest refuges in the area.

Cami de ronda in Llançà- Coastal footpath from Llançà to Port de la Selva

As many towns in Costa Brava Llançà also has a coastal path (Camí de Ronda). Camins de ronda are very typical from Costa Brava and we have walked some of them in Begurand in Empúries.

The camí de ronda starts at the end of the beach in Llançà, near the harbour and goes up and down allowing you to walk right beside the sea side and also see the landscape from above in the parts where you are metres above the sea level. The path takes around 2 hours to walk and it has low difficulty.

The route goes along La Colomera beach and to S'Arnella lighthouse, the path continues through Cape of Bol, Castellà d'en Lambert island, Garoter point, Podaire point, Feliu point and la Farella beach. The beaches you will see from the costal path are la Farella, les carboneres and cala de la gola.

If you are not convinced yet, watch the video that shows you the full itinerary and you will see the incredible blueish crystal clear waters and landscape. Don't miss it!

A nice thing is to do water activities, there is kayac, scuba diving, winsurf, snorkel and the possibility to rent boats to sail through the coast. I am not really into water stuff as you know I get very sick in boats but it is a great experience to do it in Costa Brava.

Where to stay in Llançà


How to get there

By train: you can get the line Barcelona-Portbou-Cervera and with the trains Avant from Barcelona Sants that go through Girona and the final stop is Figueres. From Figueres you can take the TGV and goes thorugh Figueres- Perpinyà-Montpellier- Paris

By bus: from Barcelona has a route through Roses and Cadaqués that gets to Llancça, the company is Sarfa.

By private transport -car-: Llançà is 160km far from Barcelona, you need to take Ap7 from Figueres and then follow NII until N260 that gets directly to Llançà.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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