When I used to live in London what I loved the most were markets. Going out and eat in the street some delish food from a little shop or a market stand. Here you have my favorite selection of London Markets you should not miss.

Brick Lane-Liverpool street

Brick Lane is a paradise for vintage lovers, the place is full of vintage clothes stalls and shops. It is a very artistic place as well, graffitis everywhere, art galleries, designers. The best day to visit Brick Lane is on Sundays as there are street performers, people selling second-hand objects and clothes etc...

There is a food hall as well plenty of stalls from food of different countries. I could find Spanish food there, quite good and at a reasonable price. So I would definitely recommend you to have lunch in there and discover some new cuisines.

Spitafields market

This market is a covered market, full of interesting shops, vintage clothes, furniture, interesting gadgets, very nice design objects.

Spitafield's market is surrounded by independent shops on the Traders Market that on the busiest days they go up to 110 stalls. You can find vintage fashion, jewelry, design boutiques etc.. I loved to buy clothes in here, as they are different as any other place so nobody will look like you on the street.

Covent Garden

This is a covered market as well, very known for the street shows, there are different shows in the market, comedians, magicians, singers etc... If you are lucky when you go to visit the market you can catch some of the performances. It is a good place to go to eat, there are very nice restaurants and places to have an afternoon tea. There are plenty of shops: fashion, beauty, jewelry.

Notting Hill-Portobello Market

This might be one of the most famous ones, not only because of the movie Notting Hill but also because possibly is one of the largest ones. You will need more than an hour if you want to look at all the market. Very famous market for antiques, second-hand clothes, and objects and also a food market. I highly recommend a visit. I was recently there in my visit to Jamie Oliver shop in Notting Hill.

Everyone is looking for the blue door house that appears in Notting Hill movie, but sorry to disappoint you the blue color in the door is gone, now is painted in another color as thy neighbors were being bothered by a bunch of tourists knocking there. If you are interested in locating the places in the movie check out this web: Notting Hill Movie Locations.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market

An amazing food market, cakes, cheese, ham, fruit, juices, bread...You can find anything you want. It is a fantastic place to have lunch as there are plenty of places that have food to take away, as well as pubs around to have a beer. At the back of the market, there is a church with some grass around where everyone stops to have their lunch in there. It is in a very nice area and near tourist attractions so you can visit while you are on your route. It is worthy to stop by and eat something. My favorite is the french raclette that they served you with some pickles and potatoes.

Camden Town

Is probably one of the most famous ones as well. Well known for "weird" shops, strange clothes and different fashion styles.

You can find everything, a food market surrounded by a river side and you can sit to have your meal in motorbike chairs. The stables that are a maze of narrow streets with fashion shops, hats, accessories etc..and the Camden Lock by the canal. An amazing market to spend your day browsing and going around.

So this is my selection of markets, London has multiple markets, it all depends on what you are looking for!