Have you lost something on a taxi in Barcelona? Here you will find the answers on how to retrieve lost property from a taxi in Barcelona city. You can contact the taxi company to see if they found your object, if you don't remember the taxi company or they didnt find it you can also contact the Barcelona taxi lost property service that coordinates with all companies of taxi:

Barcelona Taxi Lost Property Helpline:

Tel: +34 90 210 1564

Email: [email protected]

To be on the safe side you should have as much information as possible to be able to track your item, the taxi you were in, the company, the name of the driver or license or the receipt, anything will be useful to narrow down the search.

Even though having all the information is no guarantee that you will recover your lost item if you feel there is reason to complain you will have all the facts to proceed.

There are two other places you can try where they work with lost property in Barcelona. There is a lost and found department for the city and you can also visit the Barcelona Metropolitan taxi service.

The next place you should try is the Barcelona city council lost and found office.

City Hall Lost & found Department Barcelona
Barcelona, España.
Tel: 010 (inside BCN)
Official Website for the Barcelona Metropolitan Taxi Service