The MACBA is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, and is focused in art expositions and culture contemporary practices. Is located in the Raval area very near the CCCB, our Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona.

The first museum of contemporary art created in Barcelona it was on the 60s and was called the Coppola of Cinema Coliseum. There were different episodes in the history of the museum of contemporary art until they decided to built a museum that could gather all this art in the same roof.

The administration ordered Richard Meier, an American architect the project of building a new building museum for what nowadays is the MACBA. It opened its doors in 1995 modelling a bit the MOMA concept in New York. The main building has more than 14000km2 and uses the white color along with glass and reflective materials that help illuminate the rooms.

In the last years, one of the objectives of the museum is to introduce the Catalan art to the world and the international one in Catalonia. The MACBA collection is the meaning of the foundation that investigates the lines of thought for the contemporary artistic creation from the second half of XX century.

The MACBA has more than 5000 pieces created from the end of the 50s until now. The collection starts with the 50s material abstractions, European pop art and also the avant-garde of the 60s and 70s. There are also pieces of art related to photography, minimalist sculptures from the 80's, and art from nowadays too. There are pieces from artists around the world.


Opening times: 
Monday to Friday 11h-19:30h 
Saturdays 10h-21h
Sundays and festivitites: 10h-15h
Tuesdays closed
Prices: General entrance is 10 euros