Kuredu island resort is the first island we stayed at when we arrived in Maldives and it is owned by Crown and Champa resorts, we spent 3 days on it doing different activities and enjoying the facilities at the resort in the island. To arrive in the resort we had to get into a seaplane, it was my first time on one of those and it was incredible to be able to see different little islands with different shades of blue and of course, this turquoise color so typical from Maldives. The islands looked like adorable blueish lentils from the seaplane, and it took us 45 minutes to get to Kuredu from Malé Ibrasim Nahir International airport.

I always think that first impressions really count and in this case, it was a good one with no doubt, our plane was delayed from Dubai to Malé and we advised the resort since the seaplanes do not operate when its dark, this is something good to know in advance. Check out the essential guide to visit Maldives.

We were supposed to pick up a seaplane at 4pm but our plane was delayed so we would have had to stay either in Malé for a night or go to the nearer resort. The organization was perfect, they rescheduled the sea plane for 5pm so we could get in, it was tight, but we managed to get in, in case we couldn't our resort had a plan B, which is always great in the event that something goes wrong, they would have taken us to a nearer island for the night and picked us up the next day to Kuredu. Luckily we got to Kuredu the same day we arrived, just a couple of hours later.

When we arrived in the island we were greeted with a big smile a typical dance and music and we sat down at the main reception area enjoying our drink while the check in was being sorted out for us.

Kuredu island

Kuredu island is one of the biggest ones in Maldives, this is great if you are into activities because there is plenty to do if you wish, but also the dolce far niente is the main theme of the country too. The pleasure of doing nothing, look at the turquoise seaside and walk along the beach are one of the most relaxing things to do.

I am not really into the typical activity resort with yoga, tennis, dancing classes and this sort of programs that are for everyone with the aim of having people going from one thing to the other one all day long. Kuredu is not like that at all, and I love that, they have a diving centre where you can book your diving and snorkelling sessions of all levels, different diving spots and also the possibility of doing it at night or during the day.

There are sport courts to play tennis, badminton, football and some other sports to use at your own convenience, different pools in the island, and even a beautiful infinity pool in the Sangu area where the water villas are located.

Something that surprised me is that you feel being alone in the island, although there were actually 800 guests at the same time we were there, the organization is incredible since all guests are spread over the island in different restaurants being allocated so you have the feeling of being the only one in Kuredu.

Feeling special is something that I value very much when going on holidays or even for a short getaway, and not seeing so many guests brings uniqueness to the experience. The staff was very helpful at all times and they always had a natural smile on their faces, something that is very valuable in the hospitality industry.

What to do in Kuredu

In Kuredu being a big island, there is plenty to do from in-house activities to excursions and day trips around. Snorkelling and diving are the main activities to do and their house reef although the coral is not the best of the area, you can see turtles, manta rays, little reef sharks and a wide variety of fish just a few metres far from the shore.

Snorkelling was my favorite activity, the house reef is right in front of the shore, only 4 to 8 metres and can be accessed walking through the wooden bridge that takes you to where the seaplanes land. In Kuredu only 2 metres from the shore there is sea grass, turtles eat sea grass so you can imagine that very near the shore we could see big sea turtles, we were lucky enough to see one that was 1.5 metres long.


Another thing you can do is to visit local islands, we went to Naifaru and visit their turtle rehab centre where they treat damaged and sick turtles to reintroduce them in their habitat when healed. I would recommend you to join the sunset cruise in the afternoon where you can see the sunset of course but also dolphins, if you are lucky as we were they swim in groups so you can see a full bunch around the boat.

The resort offers different sport courts to practice badminton, tennis, football etc... They also have material to do windsurf, kayaking and snorkelling, and in the all inclusive package you have included some of the activities as well.

The spa is very nice, in wooden water bungalows in the lagoon surrounded by turquoise crystal water, every guest gets 15 minutes free massage, and of course, I took advantage of it. I loved that right beneath your head holder there is a glass and you can see the water while having the massage. Nice detail!

Since Maldives is a honeymoon destination or at least very popular for couples since it is very romantic, there are also photo shoots available at the resort and we were 4 gossip girls so we needed to have one. It was very funny going around the island, jumping, laughing and hugging each other to take the best of us in this amazing place.


Visit Naifaru local island

When visiting a country, for me it is important to understand how people live, and although resort life can be amazing you could be anywhere if only looking at the facilities. We visited Naifaru island, it is one hour by boat from Vilamendhoo, we arrived in the morning and went around the island with our guide.
We visited a school with 3 to 5 years old, as incredible as it might sound, the Maldives has a 98% of its population that are literate, this is something to be proud of as a country. We said hi to the children, they were very cute in their green uniforms and could say few words in English.
As mentioned in the essential guide of Maldives, is a muslim country under the sharia low so expect to find mosques in every local island you visit and Naifaru was no different, at least there were two for an island of 5000 people living in it.

The local islands have no pavement, the soil is white sand as the one in the beach but with a lot of people stepping in it turns grey, the best shoes to wear in the resort or outside are flip flops, otherwise you will be suffering to get the sand out of your shoes all the time.

We visited as well a turtle recovery center, they treat turtles that are sick or have any issue to continue their lives in freedom. The center has turtles of different kinds and sizes, one that caught my eye, had an issue with her shell and some water got into it preventing her to swim inside the water, since now due to the water in it, she floats. This issue does not allow her to find food, since turtles eat sea grass which is located on the ground. It was interesting to see the task those volunteers do with the turtles and help them recover. The island is very colorful, it remindn me about the Pelourinho in Salvador de Bahia, it seems like every building has its own personality with a different color in façade.


Accommodation in Maldives at Kuredu island resort

Choosing the right accommodation for you is an important thing and in an island even more since you will probably spend more time there than in a city hotel. The island is pretty big and has the same room type categories all around the island. I will focus only on two types, were we slept but there are many others, the cheapest one is always the garden villa or garden bungalow and it is located behind the beach villas raws, the faciities are basically the same in every room, what changes is the space available and the location of the room mainly.

Beach Villa at Kuredu

At the resort there are different kinds of rooms and the wide variety of prices, probably the most famous one for Maldives is the water villa, the wooden bungalows built on the water. 

We stayed in a beach villa with the all inclusive plus package, with meals, beverages and some activities included for the two of us. The room was a dream, a very big bed in the room, good facilities, a Nespresso coffee machine, minibar and welcome cava and fresh fruit. 

We have a deck with hammocks and a table with some chairs right in front of the beach, we could hear the sound of the sea from our villa. There is a bowl with water on the staircase of the villa deck so you can clean up your feet from the beach sand before stepping into the villa, nice touch! For me the beach villa was the best room, value for money and right in front of the beach.

Water Villa at Kuredu

The water villas in Kuredu are in one of the most beautiful beach spots in the island, they are in Sangu area. The water villas are one of the most romantic accommodations right by the sea, with a private deck with hammocks and a direct access through stairs to the lagoon with this turquoise water. As one of the most famous villas to stay in are also one of the most expensive ones. The water villas at Sangu was one of the chosen spots to do the photoshoot.


Meal packages

The minimum you can get is a half board meal plan with breakfast and dinner included in the rate, you can have full board or all inclusive packages. It truly depends on how much you drink, in the all inclusive package is an all you can drink package with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks: you get cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks and house wine and beer included. Apart from drinks you also get a sunset cruise included, a half hour group lesson for Snorkeling, Windsurfing and Golf. Yuo can use the Fitness Center, Volleyball and Badminton Courts, the Tennis Court, Table Tennis, Darts and Football Grounds, Kayaks and Windsurfers.

If you would like to try the à la carte restaurants, with the all inclusive package you get a 50% discount on selected food at Franco’s, Far East and The Beach Restaurants and a 50% discount on Premium and Special Cocktails and other beverages, but not on wine.

Dining in Kuredu

There are plenty of options to try out in Kuredu, the resort has 7 different restaurants with different cuisines, some à la carte and the rest the buffet kind. Every night there is a theme food night, we tried French, Indonesian and Maldivian during our stay. It is good to have a different theme so you are waiting for the next day to see what will it be like. During lunch there is a buffet with a wide variety of dishes, vegetables, rice, nice curries, salads and pasta among others options.

O restaurant

Our first night in Kuredu island we had dinner at O restaurant, an incredible wooden sort of bungalow building made of wood with lights with the shape of a jellyfish, they were so original and made by a Nordic designer. I always like to pay attention to the details as it adds up to the experience.

When entering the restaurant, there are different buffet areas, one for starters, a pasta area, warm dishes, and even a live cooking space where you can order meat or fish. A desert bar and a fruit bar could not be missed, and we were lucky to arrive at their themed Maldivian night, the coconut cookies and the banana puffs were amazing. 

Sangu restaurant

This one is a more exclusive restaurant, available for water villas guests and all inclusive plus package guests, their infinity pool was lighten up at night, a very romantic atmosphere but not too much sugar, which is good too. We had a french dinner themed buffet, having a french onion soup in the Maldives was something to try of course.The food in all restaurants was exquisite, and this is something very little places can say that, if you look in Tripadvisor you will see what I am talking about.


Franco's à la carte restaurant

This is one of the à la carte restaurants the resort has, a caesar salad is always welcome anywhere in the world and mine did not disappoint, nice chicken breasts along with the salad and some white wine.

Koama's and Bonthi restaurants

We had breakfast in different restaurants, it was a well-assorted buffet with sweet and salty options. There is an open eggs bar, where you can order your omelette or eggs of your choosing with different ingredients. Fresh fruit is available, I couldn't resist with the maracuyás and fruit salads. I was a bit surprised about the fruit juices, since I was expecting natural fruit but they were not, so not my thing, too much sugar for my tasting, I went for tea.

The beach à la carte restaurant

That one was the most romantic experience, a candlelight dinner on the beach almost for only the 4 of us. The food was just amazing, I ordered a tuna tartar as a starter and a grilled lobster with garlic butter as a main. OMG! The lobster was bigger than me, although it was too much food I couldn't say no to this delicacy. After a full day going around, having a nice meal and enjoying the breeze in the beach is just what I needed.


I cannot recommend you enough to go to the Maldives, and Kuredu island resort with no doubt was my favorite island from the three we visited, it was a big island with plenty to do, great white sand and wide beach, good food and the animal life underwater was amazing.

Prices at Kuredu Room prices include all inclusive package for 2 pax (meals + unlimited beverages from the list of all Inclusive)
Water Villa: 471 dollars per room per night
Beach Villa: 319 dollars per room per night
Sea plane return per person is 300 dolars and it is compulsory to buy in any reservation

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