Mangue seco is an area in the barrier between Bahia and Sergipe region, it is very famous for its dunes and buggie routes around them. It is a beautiful area surrounded by a lake and also the ocean, there amazing beaches and tropical paradise views.

We wanted to visit the area and asked the prices for tours that go there, they were very expensive, we asked in different places and the cheapest was 170 reales per person and it was included:
• 8am until 4pm excursion ( 8hours – 4 hours approximately commuting, so only 4 hours to be there)
• Go and return from Praia do Forte
• Boat until Mangue Seco
• Buggie in the dunes

Total: 170 reales per person, no lunch included (Check prices in Brazil 2014)

It was very expensive for very little and taking into account that we needed to have lunch there and we could spent only few hours around after a 2 hour trip it was not worth it for us. So we decided to do it on our own, as we rented a car we had our own transportation available to go.

To get there you need to follow Linha verde until you get to Pontal. If you see Mangue Seco in the map it is 160 km far from Praia do Forte, the previous town is Abadia so when you pass it by pay attention as the next one is Pontal where you need to stop.

Pontal is a little town from where you need to take the boat to Mangue Seco. They have a cooperative right in front the pier where all boat owners gather. There are two opcions speed boats or normal boats, speed boats are little bit more expensive but worth it as you are there in no time.

The price goes per person, the more you are the cheaper it gets. If you are not enough people you can wait until someone else joins. You arrange the return time with the company as well, they give you the driver's number and the cooperative number just in case, but you need to tell them at what time you want them to pick you up.

Once we got to Mangue Seco we went to pick a buggie so we could go around the dunes, they also have a cooperative so the prices are closed and there is a unique place to pick them up.

There are three different routes with the buggies: short one 90 reales around 30 minutes, medium around 45 minutes and 130 reales and the long one that it is 1.15h and it is 170 reales. These prices are per buggie, if you are able to fill it in it is quiet cheap. We were 5 people, 2 of us and a family who joined and it cost 8 reales per person, forth the money.


Here is the summary of what we did and the prices:
• Speed boat from/to Pontal-Mangue Seco: 20 reales per person
• Buggie around mangue seco, short trip: 90 reales, we were 5 people, so 8 reales per person return.
• Lunch for two at Praia de Mangue Seco: 103 reales with fried fish with farofa, feijao and salad, 2 dishes of French fries, a beer, a coke and a coco verde •Gas from Praia do Forte to Mangue seco and return: 110 reales

Total Mangue seco trip per pax: 20 boat + 8buggie + 51, 50lunch + 55gas= 134, 50 reales
The big cost is the gas, there are around 160 km from Praia do Forte to Mangue Seco, the more you are in the car the cheaper it will get. It is quite complicated to do it by public transport, you either do it on your own by car or buying an excursion.

Excursions from Praia go from 170 reales per person with no lunch included and leave at 8am until 4pm. Even if you are only 2 it will be much cheaper and more comfortable to do it on your own.


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