The Maritime Museum in Barcelona is a must for sea lovers, a museum located in the former shipyards of Drassanes. The museum is in the old town and at the end of la Rambla, very convenient to visit it when you are in the city centre.

The Drassanes, where the museum is located was built in the 13th to 18th century, it was the construction space for Barcelona's ships that lead to expanding its territory in the Mediterranean. 

Since 1929, the permanent exhibition at the Maritim Museum shows the Maritime history of Catalonia, an exhibition of 10000 square metres as Catalonia's history is very related to the territorial expansion through the Mediterranian due to Jaume I the Conqueror. Thanks to Jaume, he conquered the Balearic Islands and their language is the Catalan, as well as Sardinia where still remains the language in Alghero.

The highlights of the Maritime Museum include the vessels, reproductions of galley's from the 16th century, there is also a 60 metre-long royal gallery of Juan de Austria that was in the Battle of Lepanto.

There are different boats of a wide range of categories if you are a sea lover and like boats, this is your place in Barcelona. Most models of the collection were made in the 19th century as the originals no longer exist unless stated otherwise. 

Opening times:

From Monday to Sunday, 10h to 20h

Sundays from 15h, free entrance

The museum closes on 25th and 26th December and in 1st and 6th January

The entrance fee per adult is 7 euros, but if you can take advantage of the free entrance on Sundays.

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