You know I am pro travel guides, but I am because they give me loads of tips when I go around. I always use one when travelling and it is a great ally. Why to choose Marrakech Lonely Planet and why to take a travel guide with you?

  • Lonely Planet city guides are pocket size
  • There is a very useful map to go around the city
  • Competitive price: 12, 90 euros
  • Organized by neighbourhoods and city areas
  • Itinerary sections to do walks around the city
  • Sections by interests: accommodation, gastronomy, culture, shopping etc...
  • Useful information: distances in km from one point to another, transport etc...

When I was going to Marrakech I was counting on some information papers I printed from home, and the Lonely Planet Morocco Guide printed only the Marrakech chapter. But then in the airport I thought it would not be practical to go around some papers without an index.

So there I was in the duty free shop looking for a handy travel guide and this is the one I choose.

It was a great choice because when arriving to Marrakech in the hotel, they told us that there was not point for then to give us a map as the Medina had loas of tiny streets that we could not get oriented.

Luckily we had our Lonely Planet map so we could get oriented by spotting the monuments and although we got lost in the Medina we found our ways around it.

You can see in the below picture my boyfriend with the map trying to know where we were 5 minutes after we went out from the hotel.

You might get an idea of how difficult it is in the Medina. If you have no orientation you are totally screwed. Thank God I was with him if not I would still have been lost in there .