Mayan luxury spa is known to be one of the best spas in Europe and has won the world luxury spa awards every year since 2012. The spa is inspired by the Mayan culture, traditional treatments combined with the French exclusive cosmetics of Anne Semonin. The facilities include treatment rooms, relaxation area, the temazcal sauna, a chromotherapy/sensations shower and also manicure and pedicure stations.

The experience starts with the temazcal sauna and the chromotherapy/sensations shower before starting the chosen treatment. All the needed is provided by the spa (towels, flip-flops, a towel-beach wrap to access the sauna, hairdryer etc...)

The professionalism of the therapists is incredible, I am a big fan of spas but this was my first time for a luxury treatment, I had the holistic massage of 80 minutes ( price: 200 euros) and I was amazingly surprised by the quality of stretches and movements.

The massage starts with Mayan sounds using a rain instrument that helps you get into the relaxation mood and the music blends perfectly with the atmosphere. I loved the details such as having some warm bandages in the back while enjoying the massage so you are warm at all times. You eyes are folded with a thin cloth that is perfumed with the same oil scented you chose.

They let you choose the oil, something very important for me since I am bit special with scents, I had a lavender and mandarin oil, the lavender smell helps you relax and it is one of my favorites. After the massage, you can enjoy fresh fruit and an orange juice or tea to end up the experience in style in their relaxation area. 

Temazcal sauna

temazcal sauna

As the name of the spa indicates, it has a tight relation with the Mayan culture. In the sam spa they have an artisan prehispanic construction of a Mayan sauna called Temazcal sauna. On the inside it reminded me of a cupola where there are volcanic hot stones that get warmed and you can pour water with herbs and this way it created the steam. It is a very special place, I would recommend to everyone to take advantage that it is included for 20 minutes in every massage. You just need to mention it at your time of reservation and get there 20 minutes before your treatment to enjoy it.

If you are interested, part of their spa offer is also a Temazcal ritual called the Mayan reborn that takes 40 minutes and it is done by Chamán inside the sauna.

Mayan luxury spa at Hotel Palace
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