Meeru island was our last destination to visit before coming from the Maldives, and it was probably our most relaxing spot, very much needed about days of snorkelling in Vilamendhoo following manta rays, whale sharks and sea turtles. 

Relaxing in our water villa in Meeru

Having a water villa for yourself is something you see in the agency catalogues, but it is not impossible! We had a jacuzzi water villa sunset side, the island has two rows of jacuzzi water villas, half sunset, half sunrise. That is a nice touch since you either see the sun coming out or at the end of the day.

The water villa has everything you need, an open bathroom that takes you to the jacuzzi and also the magnificent wooden stairs that take you to the turquoise water. I always liked bathrooms with two sinks, a lady doesn't want to share and showers with a big shower head, so the bathroom was a plus for me.

The room was so inspiring, it was the most spectacular we had in our holiday in the Maldives, waking up with the first sunlights of the day to a wooden deck overlooking the sea, it is very difficult to describe.

I could get used to wake up every day in a place like this, I actually took some time to write this post since the environment was so inspiring and you can explain things better in-situ since it is not only about fact but also about feelings.

Meeru restaurants

From all the buffet restaurants we tried during the trip, the best ones for me are in Meeru with no doubt. For breakfast, there was fresh papaya and pineapple juice, the fresh fruit was incredible , I had yellow watermelon and pineapple every day. The egg chefs got my poché eggs just right, which is not an easy task, accompanied with chicken sausage and brown bread, this is paradise indeed.

The buffet restaurants for lunch and dinner were also amazing, we got the chance to try the Maldivian night, incredible local food. Maldivian cuisine is based on three main ingredients:

Coconut: it is used grated, coconut oil to cook with and also coconut milk.

Fish: the main fish is tuna, either dried or fresh. There are different types of tuna, the favorite one is the skipjack tuna but also the yellowfin tuna is very famous in the country. Maldivians eat the fish either boiled or processed, but not raw. There is even a tuna thick brown paste called Rihaakuru that is an essential item of their cuisine.

Curries: the most important curry in Maldives is of course cooked with fresh tuna and it is called mas riha. Vegetable curries are amazing, I tried an eggplant curry and also a pumpkin and banana one. Those curries are certainly different from others I taste it in other parts of the world, being a curry fan this was paradise.

We ate in the hot rock restaurant that specializes in Australian cuisine, my first time for kangaroo meat made in a hot rock that they bring, so little by little you cut the pieces of meat and place them into the rock to cook it. The meat came with potato wedges, vegetables and I choose a garlic sauce that was delicious.


Snorkel in Meeru

Each island is different, and Meeru has some special highlights for snorkelling. The island has many white reef sharks, little ones, they are around 30 to 50cm and they are very near the shore. They eat little fish and there are plenty in the island, so wherever those little fishes are, you will see a sharky around.

This white reef sharks are not dangerous so don't be scared about them, as with any animal, you shouldn't touch them, neither bother them. Bigger sharks are very far from the shore, you can see them only at night, they are mums and dads of these little ones that go around the island.

In Meeru, I saw medium size white fishes that are exactly the same color as the sand so it is difficult to see them since they disappear with the color at the bottom.

The house reef is located at 10 minutes by boat from the shore, there are free snorkelling boat trips daily to the house reef, the only requirement is that you need to be a swimmer and children under 12 are not allowed. You can check out my snorkelling in Maldives tips too for more information.

Maldives is a state of mind

If something I have learnt in this trip to Maldives is that travelling to this paradise is not only about facts such as the sand is white and the water is turquoise. Maldives is much more than that, it is a state of mind, once you arrive you go quickly into this state of full relaxation of body and mind. There is nothing to worry about, you have plenty of activities to do if you wish such as day excursions to local islands, snorkelling and diving in spots around the island etc...

If you want to practice sports, there are plenty of options too, you can do kayak, windsurfing, football, tennis etc..The resort has material to rent and also the courts necessary to play. However, if you want to do nothing, Maldives is also your place, you can lie on the beach or in your hammock, look at the turquoise water for a long time, read a book or just think. 

It might sound too ideal, but the truth is that although there are plenty of things to do, you don't have as many distractions as back home and your days are not filled with endless to-do lists that you can explain to the other person. Actually you end up talking about values, experiences or important things in life because you have the time for it. In our everyday life we are so distracted and our daily agenda goes on the now most of the times, and it is difficult to find moments to think, sad but true.


¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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