The Joan Miró foundation is located in Barcelona and holds some of the most representative work of the Catalan artist. It has more than 104k paintings, sculptures and tapestries. Miró was friends with Josep Lluís Sert and he wanted him to built the Miró Foundation, Sert was a disciple of Le Corbusier and as such he defended the rationalization ant the pureness of architecture.

The building of the foundation is one of the most important in the public architecture in the city. The Miró foundation has more than 14k objects, 225 paintings, 169 sculptures, 9 textile works and 10k preparation work such as sketches, prep drawings, his own notes etc...The same Miró donated to the foundation the work he had in his studio and thanks to the wide variety of preparation work it has been possible to study the creation process of Miró.

Joan Miró was a Catalan painter, sculptor and ceramist, considered one of the most representative artists of the surrealism. In his works, you can see his interest for the subconscious as well as his love for his country. He starts with works that are highly influenced by the fauvists, cubists and expressionists but then he evolves to more plain paintings and an example of that his painting La Masia.

After his time in Paris, his work becomes more oneiric following some of the surrealism rules but not yet getting into it completely. In his own words, Miró didn't want to follow the conventional methods and he talked about killing them or murdering them even to favor a more contemporary expression of art.

Apart from all his work shown at the Miró Foundation he has paintings and works at Fundació Pilar and Joan Miró in Palma, at Georges Pompidou Centre in París, at the MoMA and at the Guggenheim in New York, at the Tate Modern in Londres and also at the Modern Museet in Estocolm.

You can find Miró in many public places in Barcelona, right when you arrive in Barcelona in the airport at the Terminal 2, you will find a big mural from miró made with more than four thousand tiles using his colours: blue, red and yellow mainly.

In the famous las Ramblas there is a mural on the floor made by Miró, and it was done to be stepped in and blend in with the rest of the city pavement, but it is impossible not to lie your eyes on it as it is very colourful following his unique style. The mural is called "El Pla de l'Os", and it is said that when they were placing Miró's work in Las Ramblas, he had to convince the workers who were installing it to place it irregularly as they thought at first that they were wrongly placed in the floor.

Last but not least, one of the most known works that are located in Barcelona's public space is the woman and the bird that is located in the Joan Miro Park near Plaça Espanya,  two figures that appear in different works of the artist.

The Miró Foundation The general entrance fee is 12 euros per person and it gives you access to the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition as well.
Check out their website to know the opening times. Montjuïc park s/n 08038 Barcelona