Our first day in Chiang Mai we already saw this amazing hotel and cafeteria: Mo Rooms. The Cafeteria is accessible from the street and has a beutiful garden with fountains.

We started our stay in Chiang Mai having two smoothies like these ones: watermelon and mango, anyone is up for one?

This cafeteria became our favorite spot in town to relax and drink something. They have air conditioning on the inside with some tables and you can eat and have some snacks as well.

I loved the garden in Mo Rooms, although is quite hot in Thailand the outside whrere the garden is, it is chilly as it is surrounded by plants and fountains and it preserves the temperature. And all the area has free wifi for customers so it was one of our spots to get connected with the online world.

It is very well designed, very modern and full of colour, you can't miss it, that is for sure. If I would have known I would have booked a room at least for one day to experience the chic Chiang Mai.

The rooms are stonishing, all room rates include breakfast the prices start at 2300 baths. Taking into account that we were paying 500 baths a night, it is a huge difference in price for our lovely Finnalys Cottage, we recommend it to everyone going to Chiang Mai, great value for money.

Enjoy your time in Chiang Mai!