Món petit film, my little world, is the story of Albert Casals, a 22 year old guy that travels alone with no money or as little as 20 euros with his wheelchair around the world.

He has been travelling since he was 15 years old, he leaves the house with his wheelchair and a little bag with some clothes and hits the road. He goes hitch hiking from one place to another.

When Albert was a child with five years of age, he ended up in a wheelchair as a consequence of the medication that cured him of an illness but inevitably left him with no mobility in his legs. He is an example for everyone, not only for being brave on his situation but also to do what he wants no matter what.

The wheelchair is not something that prevents him from doing anything at all. As he says in the film " you wear glasses, I have a wheelchair, what is the difference?". He says, I am happy when I travel so why I shouldn't do that, life is very simple, travelling makes me happy so this is what I do.

The film is about his last travel a route from Barcelona to the opposite place on earth from his home, East Cape in New Zealand, where there is a lighthouse. He will do that hitch hiking, by road, by boat, who knows all the adventures he will live...But this time he is not going alone, he is going with his girlfirend Anna. They will live loads of adventures that deserve to be told. Totally recommended!! I enjoyed a lot in the cinema.

I loved the film, he wrote two books already about his anecdotes all over the globe, he has been travelling alone with his wheelchair since he was 15. On his first travel alone, he had money with him but at some point he run out of money. He explains in the film that at that time, he had to make a choice, keep on travelling or stop because of the lack of money. So he decided to keep on travelling, and the fact that he had no money helped him discover the world with a new pair of eyes.

He says that travelling with no money is an opportunity for people to invite you and know the local people of a place, eating with them, travelling with them and mingle with the society of a place. Albert is no tourist, he is a traveller, he loves travelling for the sake of travelling and if he has to sleep on a couch, on a park, in the beach or in a train station, this is what it takes to fullfil his dreams.

This film received these Awards - Doc U & 3r audience awards at IDFA (Amsterdam), Youth Award at Zagreb international fest (Croatia), Best Documentary BIFF at Colorado, and official selection at Palm Springs , Los Ángeles (EEUU).

A story of love, travel, adventures but also about values that are very hidden in our society: goodness, respect, share and help others on the way.

Keep an eye as very soon will be in European cinemas and worldwide distributed by PBS International. You can't miss it!

Anna and Albert in East Cape

Anna and Albert in East Cape