Barcelona is beautiful and there are thousands of things to do, but I always love to get out and go discover new places in Catalonia. I went to spent a weekend in Aramunt, Pallars Jussà. They recommend us that on our way back to Barcelona we stopped at Mont Rebei's gorge, a beautiful natural park that offers a 1 hour route to observe this natural beauty.

At first the route can appear to be a bit challenging, as it is a curvy and tiny motorway but I can assure it is worth while the effort, the images speak for themselves.

Mont-Rebei's gorge is the only one in Catalonia that preserves their natural area with no motorway or human construction. The only way to go through it is walking in a little road digged in the rock. The walls of the gorge can be 500 metres high in some parts and even 20 metres high in others.

It is beautiful to walk along and observe the nature, I took a deep breath and enjoyed the landscape, so much needed if you live in the city, we do need some nature to remember until the next weekend away.

Routes at Mont-Rebei's gorge

There are different routes to go around Mont-Rebei's gorge, it will depend on the time you have and also the difficulty.

Route 1 - Mont-rebei's gorge: it is the classic route to Mont-rebei (GR-1). It is 4 km and it takes 4 hours to do it. The path runs down a very smooth slope and gets into the gorge after you have crossed the gorge you can keep walking until Carlet Farmhouse, it is a moderate climb. The gorge is not suitable for people afraid of heights, it is astonishing to see the distance there is from where you are until the ground. You can park your car in la Masieta -carpark-.

Route 2 - Queixigar and viewpoint Altamiris: the route is 2 km long, and it takes around 3 hours go and return. It will take you half way to do it but you need to take into account that the altitude goes from 500m to 900m above the sea level. You can cross on the way the metal hanging bridge, and climb until the forest (Altamiris) where you will have a splendid overview of the entrance of the gorge.

Route 3 -Obaga Gran: The route is 2, 5 km long and it takes 3 hours to complete. You need to take the path to the Tarteres, after crossing the first ravine, Jullanes, continue the path climbing up the hill where you will see some ruins. This is where the Carboners path starts and goes into the side of the Maçana ravine, in there a second ravine joins route 2.

Route 4 - 'Alsamora to Altimiris through l'Obaga Gran: we started this route that goes from the village of Alsamora toward the gorge and crosses different ravines and meets route 2 in Altamiris. The full route takes 6 hours to complete, so you will need almost a full day. We crossed the bridge and continue to the gorge going through different kinds of paths, from wide to very narrow. We couldn't complete it but it was a good taste of what it is.

Check out all information live in a map of Mont-Rebei routes, it will help you to get a clear idea of the path to follow and the stops as well as the services on the way up.


Recommendations for the climb

Get a pair of trainers to do the climb, don't even think about getting there with flip flops or sandals, you will need shoes that adhere to the mountain and secure your steps.

You will access with your vehicle until Pont de Montanyana, leave the car there and star one of the routes. There is a scenic view of the whole reserve from a viewpoint right above the river Noguera Ribagorçana, which leads to Almasora. From there you can see the river before it enters the gorge, and there is also a clear view of the chapel Mare de déu del congost and Xiriveta Castle.

If you are into rock climbing note that Mont-Rebei is full of vultures and rock birds. Avoid rock climbing in the laying session that goes from December to June.

It was an amazing weekend surrounded by nature, we took every opportunity to walk and stopped the car every time we saw something beautiful which was very often. Catalonia is an amazing place to discover, if you have the chance go around the country, I do recommend you Rupit, Costa Brava and Girona.

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Ankita Jain commented almost 4 years

Hi, We are coming to Barcelona in next week and looking for Mont-Rebei's gorge on 29th or 30 Sept 2016. I try to find the ways but all suggested person vehicle and as we do not know driving I am looking for other options and a day to Mont Rebei.Please suggest us. Thanks.

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