Montblanc is a beautiful medieval town very near Barcelona, if you are spending some days in the capital and you want one day excursion from Barcelona, Montblanc is a great choice.

Montblanc town has been declared a medieval and artistic town as there are very well preserved buildings from XIII and XIV centuries. The town has cave paintings that are still preserved and have been declared as UNESCO heritage.

All the old town is circled by a medieval wall, when we go we always walk around, it is beautiful to see it and there are plenty of stone streets with cool shops.

The town is beautiful, I totally recommend visiting it and it is famous for being the places where Sant Jordi's legend comes from. There is even "portal de Sant Jordi", it is the place where it is believed the dragon was killed by Sant Jordi to save the princess.

El Molí del Mallol

In Montblanc there is one of my favorite restaurants, it is always a good time to head to Montblanc and eat their delish dishes at Molí del Mallol restaurant. It is very recommended to book a table in advance.

The restaurant specialties are catalan dishes, they have snails, calçots, grilled meat, salads, fish and also great desserts. This was our amazing lunch:


They do have a wide variety of plates to share, so it is the perfect excuse to try some of their dishes and share it. Mediterranean food, good value for money and great quality for food.

  • Spinach leave salad with strawberry, warm goat cheese and nuts
  • Scrambled eggs with iberian ham
  • Fried little brains (they are pig brains and despite of first impressions they are very tasty)

Main dishes

Grilled meat is the specialty , called "carn a la brasa", there are also fish in the menu but it is always good to go for the star dishes of the restaurant. Snails and calçots are also their specialty, I am so into snails and they have different kinds of sauces and ways to cook them.

  • Snails with boletus and prawns
  • Lamb with potatoes

We also had a shared dessert, a valenciano, it is vanilla icream and freshly squeezed orange juice, we were so full after that amaing meal. We ordered a Clos MontBlanc syrah red wine, the perfect companion for our lunch.

The restaurant brings along during the lunch pa amb tomàquet -bread with rubbed tomato, very catalan- and also after lunch they brought us some Limoncelo and some orujo. It cost us 112 euros all included for the 2 of us. We could have ordered a less food, the truth is we were very full so with one starter less it would have been enough. Count around 50 euros per person with wine.

After our lunch we went to buy some cookies, there is a great cookie factory called Rifacli right at the entrance of town, they have different kinds in big packets, they are very good ones and good value for oney, between 4 and 6 euros packets of 500g and 1kg. Sweet end to a perfect day!


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