Andreu, my friend's voice delight us today with Geneva, what do you know about it? Discover it!

Hidden between the mountains, in what we could say is the most peaceful place in Earth, is Geneva, the international city.

Right next to France, this Swiss city is home of UN government in Europe, and so, proof and example for everyone that different races, from any country, can live together in peace and harmony, in a very quiet and beautiful place.

With just a 10 min trip by bus from the center of the city, you can visit the UN building, an impressive structure which all nations debate and discuss for the welfare of our world. Along it's corridors you can sightsee all the presents every country has donated to the UN, being quite an assembly of every existing culture in just one building. Try to seek for the one from where you come from!

Also, you can visit the Red Cross Building, in order to know more about the history of this society and how they have helped everyone in every place along the time.

In Geneva you can see also great views of it's amazing lakes, or travel them by boat, comfy, while having a drink and enjoying the sunset. Don't forget to bring a coat (like I did) as it gets a bit chilly during the night.



And for the sweet-tongued readers, I recommend the little shops right next to the main bridge, where you can find real chocolate artworks from the most experienced cooks of the country. Oh, and don't hesitate to buy little chocolate bunnies as souvenir while you are there!

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