Saint Valentine's day is approaching and you might be thinking of going somewhere with your loved one. There are so many places that are known as Romantic, the typical one might be Paris la cité de l'amour -city of love- but there are so many others that you might not think of.

You will find some recommendations from travel bloggers of different cities and romantic spots around Europe. Travel inspiration for the romantic ones.

Here you will find a compilation of some of Romantic spots in Europe, for those who plan or wish to travel around:

AMSTERDAM or also Romancesterdam

You might think about Amsterdam as a different concept but it is actually a very romantic city. Have you thought about going? Amsterdam and trying a bike for two? This and more tips in a post from Brandy Bell in Amsterdam romantic or Romancesterdam post.


Sometimes we mithologize a place and because of that it loses part of the charm. Venice is without a doubt a city full of love spots and a romantic atmosphere. But...Can massive tourism and high prices lower the romanticism? A unique vision from Oriana on is Venice still a romantic city.

Venice for a 10th year anniversary, this is the story for Venice from Mary, fantastic picture of Venice and all romantic spots. Discover it!


SEVILLE: Memories make places Romantic

Seville is a sweet city full of things to do and see. Seville is flamenco, smell of oranges, good food. But a romantic city is also about your memories about it, see a post Seville Romantic places from Cat about her memories when she felt in love in Seville at and her favourite spots about the city.


Romantic restaurants in ISTANBUL

What about a brunch with turkish delicatessen? Or sailing to Büyük Ada island? From romantic restaurants to different activities in Istanbul is a romantic spot, see the compilation of places from Justine.


PARIS: Paris la cité de l'amour

You might be waiting for a typical post about Paris romantic spots but this one is a bit different. Did you know about Paris love locks? Nicole explains as all about it in Love Locks Romance in Paris.


What is your favorite romantic spot? The most romantic city for you?


Mary {The World Is A Book} commented over 7 years

Great list for romantic rendezvous in Europe! I haven't been to Istanbul and Seville yet but they sound wonderful. Thank you for including my Venice post on this list.

Meritxell commented over 7 years in response to Mary {The World Is A Book}

Thanks Mary!! Hope this post helps discover other cities that can be very Romantic!

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