Munduk Moding plantation is an eco-boutique hotel in Bali perfect for your honeymoon in Bali. In the middle of the mountains of Bululeng you can enjoy spectacular sunsets and amazing panoramas of Java's coastline in the distance and rice fields in the area. The hotel is located off the beaten track in Bali so international tourism is almost non-existent. As I will explain you, MMP takes very seriously sustainable tourism, and has joined recently Green Global community, the first world's premier certification program for sustainable tourism.

The room: Our 2 bedroom pool villa

We stayed at a 2 bedroom villa that costs 536$ a night, this is the most expensive villa available, but the prices for the Garden suite start from 161$ so it is an affordable luxury and the experience is worth it! Our villa was separate from the plantation, it is perfect to relax and find some peace in the middle of the forest.

The villa consists of two separate bedroom villas, one with a living room, living room and kitchen with an outside terrace overlooking the private pool. The other room is the dorm and the ensuite bathroom with its Sulawesi cream marble in the bathtub and Palimanan stone in the shower and the basin.

The villa comes with a private butler that will help make the experience more enjoyable, a mobile phone is provided to call the reception or the butler if needed. Meals can also be served in the Villa, and there is place for even 6 people when the living room villa converts into another dorm.

What I loved the most, apart from my mini private infinity pool, was the service, I like the detail they put into it. When we arrived into the room after dinner, the turn down was done and some popcorn were left in a designed glass container with a rolled paper explaining a legend of the area.

These are the kind of things that make the difference. We were also welcomed with our honeymoon benefits and we had an amazing bathtub with flowers waiting for us and a flowery decorated bed welcoming us to Munduk Moding Plantation.

The restaurant

The restaurant has traditional Indonesian cuisine and also western food, it is an open restaurant overlooking their amazing infinity pool. We tried different dishes in our stay, the ones I liked the most were the bakso -a chicken meatball soup with tofu-, tempura veggies with garlic sauce. We had to try mie goreng and nasi goreng which is the most typical dish in Indonesia, is rice or noodles with veggies and a fried egg with chicken.

Chicken is everywhere in Indonesia, as you seee in the most typical dishes such as the soup and the mie and nasi goreng the protein is always chicken.


Watch out for the sunsets in MMP, they are addictive and have an incredible purple and blueish light. Note that you might night long sleeves in the evening. Take your camera at sunset time and you can get shots like this one!

At night they light a bonfire creating a very romantic atmosphere, so have dinner or a drink. The night we slept at the hotel we could see a performance of traditional Balinese dance after dinner. It was a good experience, and the girls were so cute, Balinese dance is part of the culture so it was a good opportunity to see some of it.

The spa

The spa at Moding Plantation is surrounded by coffee trees and the jungle. The spa was designed by Popo Danes and it was executed in tropical hardwood and marble. It is a peaceful place in where to relax and recover from stressful times at home.

We had a Balinese massage each of 1 hour at 20$ per person, one of the things I value most in massages is that there is the possibility to shower afterward. The facilities allow you to shower before and after the massage if needed. The Balinese massage uses oil and is a combination of pressure and stretching techniques. You can check their treatments available here.

The pool: in the 3rd position of the Top 10 infinity pools of the world

The infinity pool at Moding Plantation is one of the top 10 infinity pools of the world and no wonder why it in the top of the list. The pool is 18 meters long and it is just amazing, it has a landscape view of the mountains and in clear days you can even see the neighbor island: Java. The sunrise and the sunset at the pool are just the perfect start or ending of your day, purple and reddish colors fill in the sky and the pool mirrors all the show reflecting the colors in the surface.

Activities held at MMP

The MMP offers guests a tailor-made program that is different every day with activities included in the room price. As an example of the activities they offer: offerings workshop to learn how to make local Balinese offerings from flowers, coffee processing demonstration, Balinese kite making, Balinese attire workshop.

The program has normally a morning activity and an evening one, we joined a tour through the plantation and tried the strawberries from their garden and we also attended a Traditional Balinese Dance performance in the evening. If you want to visit the Central Lakes, the hotel provides shuttle buses included in your room fee to explore the area.

They can take you to Ulun Danu Temple, the Botanical gardens or Candikuning local market. I liked that they have little details that make you feel at home, they have a library and you can borrow books and dvd's to watch at your villa.

Coffee from Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP)

The hotel is unique since it is located in a five hectares coffee plantation where they practice organic farming. They produce Arabica and Robusta varieties in the plantation and also collect Luwak coffee that they find in the plantation.

Not sure if you heard about the Luwak coffee before, but in Indonesia is everywhere since it is so unique. Luwak is a type of fox, and the coffee beans are collected after they have passed through the luwak's digestive system. These animalseat coffee beans as part of their diet, so beans are found around the land and are collected to produce luwak coffee. The coffee is then cleaned and washed and then dried. The taste is very unique and not bitter, it is a pricey product due to the manual collection process and production is very limited.

It is very interesting that growing coffee has many environmental advantages and at MMP they benefit from that; they hold the land so they keep the fertile top layer of soil into place even in the rainy season. Coffee was introduced in Indonesia by the Dutch and the varieties cultivated are still descendants of the coffee trees imported.

All the coffee you drink at MMP is home-grown in the same plantation and you can choose Arabica, Robusta or their blend. You can also buy some coffee to bring home, my mom is very happy about that!


Moding Plantation is very focused in ecotourism and has different initiatives not only to help the community, give jobs to locals but also they have their own sustainable management plan yearly that you can download in their web here to see what initiatives they are putting in place.

They manage and filter their water waste, as well as their grey effluents that are collected carefully in septic tanks and used for natural fertilization. Rain water is stored in a water tank to water the garden.

They separate their organic waste and make compost by themselves, having a plantation and a fruit and vegetable garden helps to reuse the organic waste into compost that will make the soil have more nutrients.

The hotel uses energy efficient appliances such as LED lamps, and they target to be a zero carbon operation and be able to introduce as well renewable energy production too.

As mentioned, moding plantation helps the community giving job opportunities, training them in hospitality and teaching them English as a second language. Children of the area are welcomed at the plantation every Sunday to take Balinese dancing classes and they are provided with a instructor, a costume and the venue.

Disclaimer: We were invited guests of MMP but as always the opinion is my own, and this pictures talk by themselves.

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