If you are into music, Catalonia has plenty of music festivals all year around from big names known internationally to local groups that sing in Catalan or Spanish. Ítaca festival takes place in Baix Empordà area, you can check all the cultural offer of festivals in Girona in Costa Brava Girona Festivals website.

Ítaca Festival takes place each year from the end of May to the beginning of July, a festival that is located in Baix Empordà, this year in 7 different locations and with incredible names such as Andrés Calamaro, Ramon Mirabet, Quimi Portet, Quico Pi de la Serra, Joan Colomo, El Petit de Cal Eril and La Locomotora Negra, this last the concert we assisted to.

I am all in favor of encouraging everyone to consume cultural products, the government is not helping out having cultural products taxed with a 21% the same as if you were to buy a luxury yacht. Ítaca festival promotes the culture at reasonable prices with the objective to reclaim the culture as a basic need. The festival uses a legal workaround to sell the entrances at a 4% tax only as they give along apples with the entrance, and those cannot be taxed higher than 4%.

It is nice to see initiatives like this one that encourage the consumption of cultural products as well as healthy eating by Girona fruits.

Although Ítaca festival is mainly dedicated to musical performances they also have a proposal of theater and with the entrances you buy you can help out an NGO called Open Arms, as for each entrance they give 0,50 euros for them.

La locomotora negra music band

The Locomotora negra is a Catalan jazz group that started in Barcelona in 1971, the group started with 11 members but then it grow up to 16 members. The style of la Locomotora goes towards the black jazz with the most popular style. It takes as a referent those famous orchestras from the swing times such as Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington i Count Basie.

They have a live performance that is very dynamic and makes you feel part of it, since having 16 musics in the stage gives a lot of leverage to play with the song, different solos and the instruments all together and separately.

It was very interesting that they organized the performance using the history of jazz, from the beginning in New Orleans, to Harlem in Manhattan to the spread out in Europe going through different famous songs, styles and moments in time.

The group has participated since the beginning in different international festivals in Catalonia and has won different prizes, such as a traditional jazz award, they have received the Sant Jordi Cross and they have played with famous international musics such as Bill Coleman, Benny Waters i Gene Mighty Flea Conners.

La Pera town

La Pera is a little town in Baix Empordà area, the municipality is completed with the rest of surrounding towns: Púbol, Pedrinyà and Riuràs. The Púbol name might ring a bell if you know some of the history of Dalí, as in Púbol is where Gala, his wife had her residence.

La Pera has a beautiful church of Sant Isidor in the main square in town, it was built during XVI-XVIII and has a gothic-renaissance style and it was constructed right on top of a temple from X century.

The town keeps the medieval look incredibly, with little narrow streets all covered with stone as well as stone houses that crown the main square and the surrounding streets.