Summer and spring, this time of the year is when we want to be outdoors and enjoy the landscape, I already gave you some options to enjoy summer in Barcelona but there are so many more activities to do in Catalonia.

Catalonia is much more than Barcelona, and you are lucky because it is full of art and culture all year around but in summer some of the most famous musical festivals and theatre performances take place and I want to share them with you.

Barcelona music festivals

Primavera Sound is one of the most famous ones in Barcelona, it has been running for more than a decade and offers yearly consistently musical events. It is called "primavera" as the festival takes place in spring time.

Primavera Sound stands out from the rest of macro musical events as its main characteristic is its artistic line influenced by pop and rock and also the last underground tendencies of dance music. It takes place in May every year.

Sónar is another music festival must in Barcelona, the ones that like electronic music are lucky as this festival is the pioneering festival on this music style combining the avantgarde and experimentation in electronic music landscape. It takes place in June every year.

El Grec: the festival takes its name from the greek amphitheatre well some of the performances take place. It is a music, dance and arts festival. There different kinds of performances all around the city in diverse locations.

The location is amazing, watch the greek amphitheatre where some of the performances take place.

Costa Brava is very famous for its incredible beaches, but the area is much more than this and it is one of the centres of arts and culture. Costa Brava Girona Festivals has become a must go with its variety of music concerts, dance performances, opera, cinema, circus, magic, theatre, art etc... There are plenty of festivals but I want to mention my favorites, some of them have very big names on it and are the famous.

Festival de Perelada: this is one of the most famous ones due to the location that is the Perelada castle, an amazing place in the north of Catalonia, in l'Empordà. The festival is famous to gather known names for their music festival, dancing performance and opera.

Castell de Peralada

Castell de Peralada

Canet Rock: it is an annual gathering for catalan music, very popular in Catalonia, in this year 2014 different catalan artists gathered in the festival such as Blaumut, Brams, Mishima, Els Pets, Amics de les arts, Gossos, Txarango etc...

Cap Roig: It is an international music festival in open air in Cap roig gardens, in one of the most important botanical gardens in the Mediterranean. This year Lady Gaga, Sting, Julieta Venegas etc...