Rarely for some young people I love veggies and fruits and I am becoming more and more an organic foods and tofu lover. I have been to different vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona but none worth mentioning until I bumped into Teresa Carles.

Teresa Carles restaurant would be included in the concept of healthy restaurant, now in Barcelona is very trendy all the veggie food, and superfoods such as chia, veggie milks and kale is the star of every green restaurant. Bbut before the green boom, the restaurant was already there serving good quality of food at a reasonable price.

Teresa, the chef in charge comes from Algerri, a town in the pyrynees, and her family were peasants, so she has a strong connection with the land and healthy foods.

Teresa Carles vegetarian food

Amazing vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona, I loved it and I will tell you all about my favorite choices, there are plenty of options so it will help if you go with at least one dish in mind!

They have a wide variety of salads, we take the pumpkin salad, I thought Oh my, how I never thought before of doing a salad with pumpkin. Since then I am using so much more pumpkin in my cooking. I discovered a new ingredient for me in the salad too: tempeh.

Tempeh is a soy product from Indonesia, soybeans pressed into a bar that can be fried and cooked. In our salad it was cooked and had a lovely crunchy flavour. Carbs not only are pasta and rice, but there are other products like tempeh that can provide us with that energy we need.

I am a pesto fan, I can't help it. In Teresa Carles there were a lot of options but we choose this red pesto pasta with veggies and we had the best choices of all! I absolutely loved it! Amazing flavour and taste and the veggies the perfect add on! Please order it if you visit the restaurant, this is my absolute favorite.


I wanted to try something different and I went for this risotto oats. In Spain you can't see any oats anywhere, it is not part of our diet or cuisine so it was something that I was interested in.

When I lived in London, I remember oats are a lot more common than in Spain. There are oat cereals, they have breakfast with oats, oats cookies etc...I was surprised with the taste. I totally need to go more veggie because I really like it, I just need to learn more ingredients and put it into practice.



The veggies croquettes are one of my top choices with no doubt, the best one for me is the cheese one and the pumpkin, but all of them are delicious. Another very interesting dish is the coconut ceviche, with no fish, if you have tasted ceviche before you will be amazed on how similar the taste is with no animals in it.

If you like eggplant, the red devil raviolo is a good choice, they are pink raviolis as the paste is made with beetroot and filled in with eggplant, there are cheese and eggplants as a garnishment to accompany the raviolis.

My dessert of choice is the Chia dessert, almond milk homemade with coconut milk with fresh fruit on it and chia seeds.

Other restaurants by Theresa Carles

Flax and Kale: as we said, kale is the star of green restaurants nowadays, and is also the name of the new restaurant belonging to the Teresa group. Famous for their healthy brunch, but they serve, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Teresa's Juicery: possibly my favorite juices in town and also the most expensive :-( .They have very interesting combinations of vegan milks, fruits, dried fruits and veggie juices.

My favorite with no doubt is the Coco Masalachai, it tastes like the masala tea, and has coconut water, purified water, coconut meat, coconut sugar, cinnamon, sea salt, black pepper, ginger, clove, cardamom and anise.

They have many more combinations, but it is interesting their classification on the purpose of the juice. For example the Coco Masalachai is supposed to equilibrate the nervous system and it is a tonic.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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