I am so exited to start this section on travel guides, I love travel guides, I have full shelves of guides of places I have been and Ibuy new ones about the places I would like to go to.And so my new one is The best of Scotland by Lonely Planet, as you might know already, I am planning a three day trip to Scotland with my friend Helen, she is from Glasgow so I have a bit of advantage as she is my living guide. But everyone has his own habits and this is mine, so I can't help it!

I have never had this kind of guide though, is different from the other Lonely Planet blue guides that I knew, it has a different format, is red, and has the essential to know the country. I have to say that I love the format, said this I explain you how is it.The guide uses different icons to highlight what is most important: the best -best bars, places, animals, anything you can think of..- don't miss it -must see places-, hidden places -great places far from touristy routes- and if you like...-alternatives and activities if you like to do certain things.

It is also split in 5 different sections depending on which part of the country are you visiting. There is a part where explains all must see for a 5 days route, 10 days route or a two week route. Also there is a section about getting inspired about books, films, music and web pages that talk about Scotland, it is totally inspiring, I am already thinking on what film should I watch to get the atmosphere.

I have been reading the guide so I can be fully informed of typical food, places to see, what to do as I have a native showing me around I don't want to be surprised..or I might be in the end.

So middle October be prepared to hear my thoughts about Scotland and my Lonely Planet guide help!

What is you favourite travel guide? As you can see I am a Lonely Planet fan!