Hilton is a well-known company around, but I worked for Hilton in the past and I know the secrets tips and tricks of the chain, so when I stayed at Hilton Tower Bridge I wanted to be very picky and expect what you should expect from a 4 star hotel with such a high rates they had after the Olympics. Lucky me I did not pay high rates at all, I was staying with my friend Sara who still works in Hilton, so we could get an advantage of her staff rate, and we stayed for 16 pounds per person a day with breakfast included. So I cannot complain at all, as well as paying only 50% of the cost in hotel services such as F&B.

We definitely took advantage of the discount having dinner in the hotel and ordering from the in-room dining menu.

First of all, I have to say that all the staff took very good care of us, nice and professional made us feel like home. Everyone smiled and you could tell they were happy to help us. On these days in hospitality, it is something that you appreciate.

The only thing I didn't like I might be too fusy, but my friend Sara agreed as well is that the bathroom amenities in Hilton changed, and the new ones are terrible: Peter Thomas Roth. They used to have La source amenities, that were very neutral and good for the skin. And now they have these ones with citrics and they leave you the skin very dry, I had to buy a moisturiser to balance as it was leaving me the skin too rough. You could notice it right after washing your hand or having a shower.

Food, it was amazing we had dinner in the restaurant and it was delicious as well as the one we had in our room. Check out what we ordered!!






Jesús Zarco commented almost 8 years

wowo really nice experience! without staff rate it is too expensive... Can we share your friend Sara? lol

txele commented almost 8 years in response to Jesús Zarco

Jesus, thank you for your comment, you might have to get a hilton staff friend then, or a really good deal!

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