This year the annual  Travel Bloggers Meeting was held in Tarragona so I had to look for accommodation as cheap and fast as possible. You know what happens when there is an event somewhere everything turns out to be sold very fast and the remaining very expensive.

So there I was with my blogger fried (a spanish blog about NYC) looking for accommodation. We found the perfect match, we needed cheap but nice, so we found an offer for 37 euros a night at the Tarraco Park Hotel Tarragona by Husa Hotels.


The hotel is far from the city center to go on foot so you need to catch a bus from Imperial Tarraco squate, number 54 and 6 will leave you right in front of the hotel, this is the best option. However at night the best thing to do is to catch a taxi, bear in mind that taxis in Tarragona are expensive as hell, they are more expensive than in Barcelona, how come? Not sure why, but it's the truth, so if you can share costs better.

If you go by car that's perfect as you can move around with your own vehicle. If you don't plan to stay long at the hotel the location should'nt be a problem. For us it was just right as we were staying in the conference all the time and doing the activities and all so the tight schedule did not leave us with long hours to go back to the hotel.,+206++43006+Tarragona&hq=Carretera+de+Valencia,+206&hnear=43006&ll=41.118935, 1.245747&spn=0.045262, 0.092697&z=13&iwloc=A&vpsrc=6&oi=map_misc&ct=api_logo

The hotel and rooms

The hotel is a 4 star, however I would say do not expect 4 star standards as it looks like more like a 3star for its decoration and services. They have wifi in the common areas and it depends on what rooms it can pick it up or you will have to go downstairs to reception to use it.

They have a swimming pool but we could not try it as it was still closed in May, it is a good point in summer and if going with children as well.

We had only accommodation so I can only review the rooms and our stay. We had a good stay, the room was very clean and comfortable. The furniture and decoration a bit out of date but the bed was comfortable, we had air conditioning and we had a good stay.

We were worried about the noise because the hotel is on a motorway but you couldn't hear anything from the room so that was great, the rooms had double glass.


¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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