Oh, weddings, some hate weddings, and others love them. If there is something that is full of culture and traditions is how a wedding is lived in a certain place. I would like to explain to you how a Catalan wedding looks like and how was ours this year. I say Catalan wedding because there are some things that are different from Spanish weddings.

In Catalonia when we marry we keep our made name, the most you can get is being called by your husband's sir name when they refer to you as couple but you will still have your name and sir name everywhere you go.

We divide our belongings, and anything that is yours before the marriage or after will keep being yours, we call it -separació de béns-. In my opinion is the best solution as everyone will keep his belongings.

Catalan wedding traditions

In every culture there are so many beliefs that are related to weddings, it is very interesting when someone explains what they do in their country on a wedding from preparation, to the actual wedding day.

We don't have that many preparation rituals for weddings, the only one might be that it is bad luck if the groom sees the bride's dress but we do have more traditions on the actual day.


On the wedding day:

It is being said that on the day of the wedding the bride needs to wear:

  • Something new that symbolizes a new beginning: being a bride almost everything is new so this is an easy one
  • Something old that means you leave things behind: My borrowed necklace was also old, it was a jewel from my husband's family
  • Something borrowed that symbolizes friendship: I had a borrowed necklace
  • Something blue that symbolizes fidelity: I wore a blue garter
In Catalonia we wear the wedding ring on the ring finger in our left hand, it looks like in ancient Greece they believed that the veins on this finger went straight to the heart.

The best man is an important person for the couple in a Catalan wedding, he is called padrí, and he is the one in charge to buy the wedding bouquet and hand it into the bride along with a poem he will read to her. The wedding bouquet is a very important piece of the bride and she is the one to decide to whom she gives it to, in Catalonia is not thrown but the person who will receive it is carefully chosen. I gave the best man a hard time with the wedding bouquet, poor him, but I got the best bouquet ever and it was just as I imagine it.


Throwing dry rice at the newlyweds it is also something typical, it is a tradition that started in Europe in the Middle age and symbolizes the wish that the couple will have a lot of children. Rice is not the best thing to take off your hair or clothes so nowadays is very trendy to throw rose petals. Petals are romantic and easy to clean up from your hair and clothes.

The wedding cake is also a big thing, but in young couples it has everytime less importance. The bride and the groom are supposed to cut the first slice of the cake before the cake is served to the guests.

Today's weddings: my rural not that traditional wedding


I think nowadays brides are a bit different, but there is one thing that still remains untouched which is the feeling of being the prettiest in your day. We admit it or not we want to be spectacular walking in the aisle.

From the cheapest to the most expensive weddings it is very important to feel pretty and comfortable. I started looking a year before the wedding and I wanted something simple, or that is what I thought before trying on my princess dress. OMG, when I see David Tutera's program I totally get it when they say this is my dress, it really happens.

There is a dress that has your name all over it and you can't ignore it, so this is how it was for me, my Begonia Marylise dress by the designer Alden Misolas. What are the odds that it was the last dress they had of that same design and it was exactly my size, it fit perfectly so we didn't have to do much to adjust it.

I hate high heels so we had an issue on the shoe section but since I love "espardenyes" -they are typical Catalan shoes- I was looking for some white fashion ones to wear on my wedding day. I found my shoes at Manual l'Alpargatera, I need to tell you about this place as they are famous to be the first ones to create espardenyes the fashion way.

Espardenyes were the typical rural shoes for peasants, but they were not seen in the city since it seemed low class. These guys turned it around and started doing fashion espardenyes since 1940 and they are still there nowadays. My espardenyes are not only beautiful but very comfortable and perfect for my rural catalan wedding and I can use them in any other occasion.


DIY rural wedding

We are a DIY couple on our travels so our wedding could not be different, we were on a tight budget since what we enjoy the most is travelling in our honeymoon to Bali was our dream.

We pictured a wedding in the mountain, a two-day rural wedding, so we went looking for "masies" as we call it in catalan -rural houses- that could host 35 guests and half of them sleeping in for a night. When we saw Mas Vila we automatically fell in love with the place, is not only a magic environment but a very romantic house and garden, it had to be there!


We also looked for caterings that brought value for money, it seems that when you say the word wedding everyone's eyes start sparkling dollar signs so it was not an easy task but we found it and loved it, we worked with "A casa com a casa".

They have a very interesting concept of service, they are called " a casa com a casa" that in Catalan means sort of nowhere like home, and this is actually what they do they bring home food to your home, it can be your home, a rural house or anywhere.

They cook for you mainly rice, paellas or fideuà but you need to have your own tableware. If you plan a family gathering for more than 15 people they might be your ladies to be in charge of the food. We had an amazing tapas to start with and a fideuà with all i oli.

Our day was better than we imagined, nothing goes as planned but in the end what matters is who you celebrate it with. Our photographer, Enric from Humans of Barcelona did a great job in immortalizing the event and I even got myself to appear as a Human of Barcelona in his page.

Our DIY honeymoon in Bali


You know we love the travelling part, so our honeymoon was a big thing, we organized the honeymoon ourselves and that saved us a lot of money and it was tailored made by us, how could it be better?.

We had an amazing time in Indonesia, our mountain experience at Buleleng, our boutique hotel in Tabanan with rice fields views, our own infinity pool in Munduk Moding Plantation and many more experiences that made the honeymoon unique.

As for every unique money selfies are not enough, we also had a honeymoon photoshoot done in the Ubud Monkey Forestand it was the best!

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