If you plan to come to Barcelona, a taxi might be a good option to go around the city fast and get to places where the public transport doesn't take you. Some others take it to go to the airport or locals who are in a hurry.

I want to share with you a mobile app I have discovered called Mytaxi. Is a free app to ask for a taxi from your mobile that works every time in more cities apart from Barcelona. At the moment my taxi is available in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla in Spain. In the app you can see all taxis available near your location or the time that it takes for your taxi to arrive.

I don't normally take taxis, but what if it was for free? You would possibly take them, right? You can have 20 euros discount on a journey, discount code My Taxi: [ MeritxellRoi ] Are 20€ (valid until the 31st January).

You need to book a taxi through the app that is available in the main platforms: Android, iOS (Apple), Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Once you have downloaded the app, introduce the promotional code > MeritxellRoi < and you will get 20€ of discount. The conditions of the promotion are:

  • You can only use the promo code once, in the first journey you request from your account
  • The payment has to be through the app, with credit card or Paypal. (Make sure you register via app before requesting the service, so you are all set and can pay with the discount)
  • You can share your own promo code to get discounts from other people you give it to them. Every time someone uses your promo code you will get 20 euros in your account.
  • Note that the credit card payment is through the app, having your CC registered on it, you won't be able to pay with credit card in the taxi unless the driver has the machine by chance.

If you are already registered in the app, it works anyway from what I have seen, but in case that it doesn't, you can always register with another email account and you will be able to use as many coupons as accounts you create.

How does my taxi app work?

The app is very easy to use, you request your taxi through the app, you can add your destination, a scheduled pickup time or pick up now and also any special requirements of the car. You can ask for a big car, a hybrid car, a favorite taxi driver -you can save them after the service-.

Remember once you have the app downloaded and setup you can add the promotional code ” MeritxellRoi “ and get 20 euros of discount in your first journey. To pay via App they accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and also Paypal.

A good thing of the service is the personal touch, the driver knows your name through your app user so they call you by your name, I always liked that. Once your journey has finished the driver will ask you how you want to pay, if you want to use the discount you need to do it via app and have it configured before the journey. When you start setting up your account it will ask you for your PayPal or credit card details and with this it will set up your via app payment.

After each journey, you will receive in your email the invoice, this is very useful if you are a freelancer or if you need to hand in the invoices.