Every year a try to do a Travel wish list, it depends on a lot of factors if it will come true: holiday days available at work, offers, money...But the good thing is that for a while, when you are writing it you day dream, and this is the most important thing. So here is my travel wish list for 2013, some of them might come true and some others will have to wait for another travel wish list:

January: Budapest

This travel is already booked, so I am going to Budapest in January, I have never been in Hungary before and I am exited to discover the city, the pearl of the river Danube. I am all ready to go, we have booked a super nice appartment in the center of Pest, and we can't wait to see all Christmas lights and markets on the street in the cold days!! :P


Spring time: Poland Car Route

This is a place we have been thinking about for a while, we love discovering places around by car, sometimes if you visit a capital there is so much to see and the car is not the best option, so lately we did not have the chance to go on a car route. Poland we thought is a good place to take a car an explore the country

Try house exchange: I have been in Knok for some months now and we have received different opportunities to house exchange but the dates were not appropiate. So one of the purposes for next year is to exchange houses with someone and try it!! Everyone who has done it talks great stuff about it! I think we will start for something near home, there was a couple interested in exchanging here in Spain so we might go for that in Easter time.


Summer: Still to be decided, I would love to go to New York. I remember two years ago my boyfriend gave me for my birthday as a present a New York travel guide, so I had the first step to go to New York. I have always wanted to go, but with crisis and all it is too much money to spent. But we will see...maybe Santa Claus gives me a surprise or the lottery! :P

We might change the destination for something nice and warm in summer such as Greece, we have never been and we would love to go, but you know in travel you never know how the opportunities will go, so we shall see.


TBU : Destination to be Confirmed

First time ever I bough my tickets for TBU and I am super exited, but I don't know yet where would it be, so I will have to wait until the announcement goes public and see where are we headed this 2013. I hope it is a destination I have never been to, so I can explore it with no previous knowledge as happened to be in Girona at TBEX. Girona is so near home but I have never visited before TBEX, so what a great opportunity for travelling, visiting and exploring and also meeting new people around.

Exploring ALL Easyjet routes, as much as I can: Guess who is flying almost for free!!

A friend of mine will start working in Easyjet as a cabin crew, I will be glad to be in his list of people who will fly for free, I will only pay the taxes, so it is a great deal actually!! I can't wait, and also with the advantage that I can meet my friend wherever he is for free!!

I wish you all luck for this 2013 that sure will be a great year! I wish all your dreams will come true :P

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