It is very trendy now to eat organic food, not only in Barcelona but also in other cities that are pioneers in this kind of movements as New York.

I was very surprised to find in every corner in NYC organic food shops, vegan treats and ecological products. Barcelona is no exception and this trend has arrived.

There are ecological products of all kind: meat, dairy, vegetables, bread, pasta, rice etc...There are even shops that only sell products that are naturally collected that time of the year. Every vegetable and fruit has a period of time, but in modern days we are used to eat all of them anytime and we don't know any longer what fruit belongs to what season.

See below my favorite shops for organic food in Barcelona:


It is a chain of ecological markets around Catalonia. You can find cereals, pasta and also fresh products. My favorites are veggie burgers and kefir.

Obbio food
It is not just an ecological food shop but they have not only a wide variety of refenrences and articles but there is also a cafeteria and restaurant and also a library. All services go around ecological and healhy food and they organize courses and seminars about different topics of health and diet.

Healthy restaurants and coffee shops

The healthy and organic trend has arrived in Barcelona and now we can find lots of veggie restaurants, macrobiotic, organic and healthy food around. Actually this week until 11th May is the bio cereal route and different restaurants of Barcelona have special dishes where they use bio cereals.

Woki Organic market

Nice shop and restaurant. They have ecological products in the shop and you can try them in the restaurant. I like the pasta and it is interesting to try their sodas and beverages. No usual brands, if you are coming for Coca Cola is not your place. They also have yoga riaterial and beauty bio products.

Teresa Carles

This is my favorite veggie restaurant in Barcelona and it is one of the restaurants involved in the bio cereal route. My favorite pasta with red pesto, lovely salads with veggies and tempeh.


Green shots

It is a bio friendly shop where you can find green juices, my favorite is green summer. They offer quiche, salads and veggie treats.You can also have them to take away.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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