Barcelona, a wonderful city, how can I omit that I have lived in Barcelona almost all my life. Sometimes even though you have lived in a city for a long time it doesn't mean that you know the city well. There is always room for learning more and discover places in the city that you didn't know that existed.

Palau Requesens, I have heard of it before, the name rang a bell but I didn't know exactly where it was located. I discovered a very interesting activity that they were doing at Palau Requesens. The activity is called Nights of history and legends, so I went there to try it.

Nights of legends consists in a guided tour around medieval Barcelona, a dinner with a starter, main dish and a dessert in the same medieval building: Palau de Requesens. After the meal there is a talk about an aspect of medieval life in Barcelona.

We arrived at 19:45h at Palau and they received us with cava, a great start for the evening, we could see through the glass door the room were the dinner will be served later, very smart dressed tables, with low light.

We started the tour in medieval Barcelona with our tour guide Jordina, she knew a lot about the history of the city. Jordina was very nice so we were glad that she showed us around the city. We were on a little group, around ten people, so it was a cosy group and perfect size to go around the old town with narrow streets.

We talked about Plaça de Sant Just very near Palau Requesens, we looked at the façade in iglesia de Sant Just i Pastor, there is a virgin that look like virgin of Montserrat in the same church, she is black too. Jordina explained us the controversy about this church. There is a theory that the virgin of Montserrat comes from this church, a crucial building in the medieval Barcelona.

We went for a walk around Jewish Barcelona, we could see still proof of Jewish that lived in Barcelona, looking at the Sinagoga, "el Call" -the Jewish area- and also at the mezuzás that you can find in the door frames in the buildings that were standing in the Jewish Barcelona.

It is amazing how you can observe the floor level that has grown up so much along the centuries that you can see windows from medieval buildings that are on the ground floor level.

El Palau Requesens


Palau Requesens was built between XVI-XVI century, nowadays is where la Academia de las Buenas Letras is located, but back in his time it was one of most important palaces in Barcelona in the Middle Age.

El Palau cannot be visited by the public, for this reason, the activity is an exclusive opportunity to see it on the inside and feel like medieval nobles having dinner in the building. Moreover, the balcony is a must as it is part of the roman fortress from medieval Barcelona, where the city was surrounded by a fortress.

Mr and Miss Requesens were very important at that time, Miss Requesens was painted by Rafael, the portrait is at the Louvre museum in Paris, but a reproduction can be seen in the same Palau Requesens.

Medieval dinner in Barcelona

The room is very intimate, there are tables for two mainly, is the perfect place for a romantic dinner. As you can see in the photos of the dinner the dishes were awesome and very interesting flavours. You have to think that in medieval times, sweet and salty flavours were served together. That was what the dinner was about, medieval food. The menu was a salad with a citrus sauce, curd with quince, quail thighs and peach stuffed with meat, my favourite dish of the night. The main dish was veal meat with spinach with a honey sauce. And last but not least the dessert called white delicacy, very typical from Middle Ages. I liked the dessert very much, it reminded me of "leche merengada" flavour, very typical in Catalonia as a sweet drink or flavour in ice creams as well.



Nights of history and legends are scheduled until the end of December, so get your slot in time. They run every friday and saturday at night. The activity start at 19:45h in the same Palau Requesens.

The menú for dinner is with meat -menu called La Virreina-, but there are also veggie and celiac menus, and a children's menu. There are also other possibilities for people with certain food allergies.

The activity has a price of 68 euros per person and includes a 1 hour guided tour through medieval Barcelona and the visit of Palau Requesens, the dinner and a chat about life in Middle Ages.

There are discounts around the internet to book this activity, have a look at Atrápalo, TresC, La Vanguardia etc..

If you want to book or be informed you can write an email at [email protected] You can also get information in their web. I hope you enjoy as much as we did!!

Disclaimer: This experience has been offered by Sternalia productions. As you always know, no one can't buy love so this is my honest opinion on the services offered.

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Mike Nikkel commented about 2 years

I will be in Barcelona this May. I am interested in attending your medieval dinner night if available. MikeNikkel

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